Skipped a year!

28 01 2014

And, oh how I wish I’d skipped it entirely, both in text and in life.

Despite 13 being my lucky number, the year was a pretty shitty one.  But, it can be likened to pulling off a bandaid.  However, instead of a bandaid being ripped off in a fraction of a second, this particular one took WAY in excess of 365 days.

Moving on.  2014, here you are, and while somewhat tainted with dregs of the previous year, you’re proving to be a vast improvement.

And that is as much reference to pre-2014 as I’m willing to share.  It, and it’s contents don’t deserve the time, effort or text, and are being swiftly relegated to the past, where they should remain.



16 11 2012

Somehow it’s Friday evening already.
The week has just flown by, and faster than I ever imagined was possible.
It’ll be Christmas in an eye blink and bit long after that I’ll be forty.
Good Lord!

Chilled to the Bone

15 11 2012

Winter’s certainly on its way.
On a walk last night I wore two layered jackets, but had a third with me to wear later at my destination.
As it turns out, it was so damn cold I ended up wearing it as well.
Even with a hood and gloves it was still freezing, enough to encourage me to walk faster.

I have a sneaking suspicion that there’s snow in my near future.
Lots I hope!  🙂

No Pith Here

14 11 2012

Oh look, I remembered I had a blog again.
That’s two days in a row.
Pretty miraculous.
Not that I actually have anything pithy to share, but at least I’m here.

Until tomorrow…  Have a great evening.

Much ado about potentially something

13 11 2012

My brain is buzzing with information to share, but as has been the case for a while now, the actual will to type any of it had been completely absent.

As of this evening though I’ve discovered an application for my phone that may address that.  Especially as my phone is never far away whilst my laptop can often go days without being opened.

So again, I’m not making any promises, but I’ll make an effort to be more diligent with my postings.

I’ve not given up on blogging… Not yet anyway…

19 07 2012

Hello out there, although at this point I’m sure I’m blogging for noone but myself, but I am trying to reharness some level of enthusiasm for writing.
I used to love it, and then at some point it became a chore and I gave up.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to break through that wall.

As for the last few months, what’s happened?

Well, there’s bee the Red Dress Party here in Seattle, that was a lot of fun, and a whole lot of effort, but I think that ultimately it paid off.

Then moving on I had a birthday, an interesting evening, surrounded by friends, and some drama, fortunately not mine.  Entertaining to say the least.

Then forward from that, there was and still is water damage at my house.  Turns out our home is built on a natural spring.  Something that has never been a problem until recently when the pump that we’d forgotten about died.  We’re Australians, we’re not used to surpluses or water, nor living above a hole in the ground.
That was, and still is a drama that we’re still dealing with.
Annoying but not unsurmountable.

Moving forward again.  Sadly our dog Vita has been diagnosed with Cancer, we’ve decided due to costs, and that she doesn’t deserve the pain or discomfort, to not operate.  So right now we’re doing our best to keep her comfortable.  Something that is often fraught with inconvenience.  Consider this, a sick dog, who won’t eat or drink, but needs to take medications and liquids.
Many hours have been spent on my hands and needs syringing liquids into her, and cajoling her to eat.
So far, she’s still comfortable and I’ve been winning the battle.
But, I have to say, and I hate to admit it as well.  The moment she loses quality of life we’re going to have to do the one way trip to the vet and say goodbye.  I’m not looking forward to it, but I also won’t see her suffer.
In the interim, she’s loving all the additional treats and attention, and expects that every action, inclusive of her going about her normal day, bladder and bowel movements, and she expects a treat.  I of course oblige.
She’s even been sleeping on the couch, something that is unheard of in our house.

On top of that, I’ve been battling some sort of flu virus for the last three weeks and have barely left the couch, or the house.  Not such a huge problem as I’ve been preoccupied nursing Vita my dog.

Biggest issue last week.  My Nan was diagnosed as having Chronic Heart Failure and was rushed to hospital.  This was serious enough that I was sourcing flights home to Australia.
Fortunately for everyone, a brief stay in hospital has seen her bounce back to improved health, so that trip has been delayed for the time being.

To say the least, I’m exhausted.  My health is on the improve.  My weight is on the decline, and on the upside, for me at least.  Nearly 8 months post double jaw surgery, I’m now free of having to wear dental elastics on my teeth, so in the very near future, if my teeth don’t move, I’ll be braces free.
It’s taken nearly four years, and surgery, but I’m nearly at the end of the "dental road".

So there you go.  I think that about covers everything.  Hope you’re all well out there, and I have to admit, I’ve enjoyed this first foray in a while back to blogging. 🙂 xo

Getting It Off My Chest

18 02 2012

I may have a simplistic and naive view of the world, but it angers me to the core that in a world with so much war, disease, poverty, hunger, drug culture, to name but a few items, that the news media and so many government and religious leaders are so singularly focused on denying individuals (in this case those who wish to have their same sex relationship recognised) of what should be, a basic right of existence.

If you believe your actions are supported by your God.  Then you can have Him/Her to yourself.
Your Dogma is flawed, and your God is not worthy of me.

I respect religion, and those who find solace and strength through it, but that respect does not extend to the Zealots and self righteous.

Purge complete, time to resume my day!