Sunday ramble

2 07 2006

It’s Sunday morning, it’s cold, miserable and drizzly outside, but this is a good thing.  We need the rain.
Yesterday while planting up the garden again to make it look a little less bare I discovered just how dry it’s been of late.

We live in the valley of what was once an active volcano, many millions of years ago…  Shame really, as we could do with some warmth right now.
Anyway, the soil is that rich red type that is great for growing fruit and vegetables.  The proof being that Bacchus Marsh is renowned for its Applies and Salad vegetables.  You only have to drive along the Avenue of Honour to see just how many apple orchards and salad farms there really are.
Incidentally, we also pay a much cheaper price than most people, for fruit and veg.  A bonus of living in the country I guess.

Back to the garden…  I discovered yesterday just how dry the weather has been.  Trying to dig in the garden yesterday was a chore in itself, all the soil had actually become great big chunks of rock hard dry clay.  Back breaking work to dig the smallest hole, and then smash up the chunks to offer the poor plant going into it a chance to grow.  The end product is pretty good, the garden looks a lot less bare, and I’m kinda wondering why I hadn’t replanted sooner.  The real problem here is the water restrictions, the area may look really green, and Australia often deceives visitors with how green some gardens look, the reality is we’re in the middle of an 8 year long drought, and we’re all on permanent water restrictions.
Based on this, I refuse to water the gardens, and most certainly don’t water the lawns.  I have a theory when it comes to my gardens, and that is if it doesn’t flower (and they must be fragrant), can’t be used in cooking (or similar) and doesn’t have fruit, it’s not worthwhile having.
Water’s limited, for a plant to warrant having it’s own supply it needs to put out and give back.

All this just for presentation to sell the house.  Although, without sounding overly biased, I do have a beautiful home, it has street appeal, and is large enough to cater for most families.  It really should sell pretty quickly.  As for my being biased…  I can unashamedly say it’s beautiful, if it wasn’t, I’d never have bought it initially.

For now though, it’s looking like an “Inside” day, but I might just have to dash off to buy another photo frame, I’ve a few photo’s of my family I want to frame up and hang on the wall, and take with me on the move.

So back to packing, sorting, again, which fortunately is coming to an end…  Well a temporary one, till the big pack starts and we start packing our suitcases.

Relaxation will come this afternoon, when we meet up with ‘The Lads’; Jamie and David, to go see the new Superman movie at the GoldClass cinemas in Sunshine.  Luxury seating and big screen, should be great.  Besides they’re complimentary tickets that we received from our last GoldClass experience.  One that occurred prior to my commencing a blog, but that I may blog in later on in the near future.
For now though, Jamie has it covered on his entry.  So to see what happened, visit Tyroga.




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