Super Sunday

2 07 2006

Another day over, and this one ended brilliantly.

After yet another day sorting things, we met ‘The Lads’; Jamie and David at Sunshine to go see Superman Returns in GoldClass.

The movie was fantastic, and as opposed to our last visit to GoldClass, the service was great too.  I’m not going to tell you anything about the film, other than it hasn’t lost the feel of the original Superman movies, the soundtrack is reminiscent of the originals, and there are many scenes, sounds and dialogue that took me back to my childhood.  A definite go see from me!

Only one tip…  It’s a very verrrrrrrrrrrrry long movie, not so long that you’ll get bored, but long enough that it’s wise to review your fluid intake prior to, and during the movie if you don’t want to miss anything due to an unscheduled toilet break.
Mark foolishly had to leave, at the most inopportune moment and completely missed Lex Luther’s explanation of his plan.
As for me, well about half way through I began to regret the apple juice, hot chocolate, large coke, and latte that I’d had prior.  But I’m made of sterner stuff.  Admittedly I was most fidgety and almost broke out in a sweat, but I did make it through to the point the credits started rolling before sprinting out to the mens.  A medal effort on my part if I do say so myself.

From the movie it was back to the Gold Leaf, our favourite local (to Sunshine cinema’s) Chinese Restaurant.  4 shared mains and rice later, we were all too stuffed to even consider ordering dessert.  Which is a shame as this restaurant is one of the few places still serving banana’s and at the original prices, not the current inflated ones. 

For those of you who may be unaware, Queensland experienced a Hurricane earlier in the year that decimated Banana crops.  As Queensland is the major supplier of all Australian bananas, we are currently experiencing a shortage.  A shortage that is being exploited by many suppliers who have upped their prices markedly.

Side note…  David is turning 30 on Wednesday, and as he has a fetish for all things copper, Mark and I purchased him a pair of outdoor table lamps, that are of course… Copper.  All resplendant in a very appropriate Superman giftbag.  Happy early Birthday David!

Until tomorrow, g’nite ma, g’nite pa….



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3 07 2006

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