That’s not a Martini…

8 10 2006

This is a Martini…  To continue with yesterdays theme but heading in a completely different direction, I’ve decided that today’s post should be about Martinis.

So from ‘Shaken but not stirred’ to ‘That’s not a Martini, THIS is a Martini”, mini-rant here we go.

First off, I love a good Martini, whether it be either Vodka based, or Gin based, they’re both good, and the less Vermouth the better, in fact I’m quite happy if when the Vermouth is poured that the lid is still on. 😉

Since we’ve been here in Seattle I’ve noticed that there are literally thousands of different “Martinis” available.  I’ve also been heard to comment that “just because it’s in a Martini glass, doesn’t make it a Martini”.

This morning my comments received support in a syndicated format on the Food Network channel.  Don’t get me wrong, I support people’s enjoyment of drinking (in moderation of course) different flavoured cocktails and mixed drinks.  But I guess I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to the good old Martini.

 This morning during a cooking show that was all about Olives, “The Hearty Boys” segued into a quick display of Martini making at its finest, complete with my personal favourite, the Dirty Martini.  During the segment one of the hosts said, and I quote; “There are lots of flavours available, like chocolate, but these are NOT Martinis, these are dessert drinks in a fabulous glass”.  Finally I’ve been vindicated.

That being said I have had several pseudo martinis since I’ve been here, the Espresso and the Coconut ones have been my favourites to date.  But when I’m home, it’s a Dirty Martini that I make, and there’s no Vermouth in sight.

How do I make it?  Well lets get down and dirty…

I take my stainless steel cocktail shaker (which thankfully arrives this Wednesday) and add some ice, the reason I use the stainless steel shaker is because the steel seems to transfer the chill of the ice to the spirits so much quicker.  Also once the outside of the shaker has frosted over while shaking I consider the drink ready for pouring, but everyone has their own method.

Anyway, back to the shaker, take said shaker and add some ice, I prefer cubed as it tends to not melt so quickly therefore watering down the drink so much, add gin or vodka, I don’t measure, I just ensure there’s enough to fill the glass for whoever is partaking at the time, then I add a splash of the olive brine straight from the jar.  Put the strainer and cap back on the shaker, and shake like buggery until the outside is frosted.

I prefer olives in my Martini, which is a bonus since I’m already using the brine, so usually put 2 or 3 on a cocktail spike drop it in the glass and then pour the Martini over the top.

Put the shaker down, admire finished product briefly and drink.  Repeat as required.

I have one more handy hint.  These drinks pack a punch.  If you plan on drinking more than one of these creations, use acrylic Martini glasses, they tend not to shatter if they’re dropped.

I have crystal Martini glasses that I received as a 30th birthday gift, and I love them, but if I ever make you a Martini you may only get to drink your first one out of them.  All future drinks will be served in an acrylic version, that way when they wield their wicked punch, my glasses aren’t at any risk of being damaged.

I also make a great Cosmopolitan or a more summery version for lazing in the sun with that’s a lot more user friendly; Cosmopolitan Punch, there’s also my more recent creation concocted just prior to leaving Australia; The Sucker Punch.

But please note!  If you’re having drinks with us, you’re most certainly NOT driving home.




3 responses

8 10 2006

Martini… hmmm one drink I have never had. But drinks with you I have had and yes I hope you have a little keyring hook somewhere in the new house to hang guests’ keys 😛

19 07 2008

there is no apostrophe in martinis.
there might be in a phrase like:
“that martini’s not cold enough”


2 08 2008

EM… Thanks for the heads up on my superfluouses “apostophication”.

All has now been amended!


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