Getting to know you…

14 02 2007

… or in this case, getting to know me.

You’ve probably all at one time or another received the big survey style email from a friend, acquaintance, or “distant cousins, neighbours, uncles, second removed sister-in-laws, work partners uncle” that has dozens of questions, and appropriate answers supplied in an effort for you to become better educated about the person sending it to you, with the expectation that once you’ve read it, that you’ll erase all the answers, fill them out with your own responses, then forward the document on to everyone you know, including the person you sent it too.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you’ll be told that if you send it to 4000 people, a blue indian, and a green dog will do cartwheels across your screen, that your sex life will improve, and that all the bad people in your life will suddenly be erased from the planet… Or something to that effect.

The first time I received one of these it was fun.  The second time it was still fun, the third and dozens of other times after, it wasn’t quite so fun.  Well that’s not entirely true.  Absolutely each and every time that I’ve received one, I’ve loved learning things about the people that I know.  It’s also VERY amusing to read what my replies over the years have been, as I’ve always tried to be as humorous in my responses as possible.  I’m not sure if anyone actually laughed, but I know I did, and that’s at least one guaranteed laugh, even if it does make me tragic.

So in tribute to all the people that have sent these surveys to me over the years, and those I’ve in turn sent them to, and to those who read my blog, I’ve combined the last few that I’ve received into a single survey, for you to read below.

You’re either going to laugh, or back away from me slowly, in which case, if you do, I recommend backing away very slowly, without making eye contact or sudden movements.  *grin* 😉

Here you go…  Enjoy, and remember…  Once you’ve read it, it’s your turn to complete it.  😉

1. What is your first Name?

2. When is your birthday?
9th March 1973

3. Number of candles on your last birthday cake?
33, not long till there’ll be 34, although that should have been pretty evident from Question 2.

4. Where were you born?
Frankston, Victoria, Australia

5. Are you patriotic to your country of birth?
Yes, Australia will always be my home.

6. Where do you live?
Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A. (North East of Seattle).

7. Marital status?
“Married” (Not real marriage, that’s an abomination apparently, but it’s been 8 years anyway… Longer than most real marriages) I just need to find a suitable and airtight alibi – bwahahahaha

8. Have you ever been in love?
I must be, no one else would tolerate what I have. I do love Weimeraner’s, vodka, gin, my cats… Guess that counts 😉

9. Do you have / want children?
Yes, but not right now – bf is enough of a challenge, complete with tantrums and sulks. I’m fully qualified to be a parent based on this experience alone.

10. How many times have you moved house?
7 times, and 5 of those were in Australia.

11. How did you find out about the birds and the bees?
I was a very avid reader, and I have a vivid memory of an information night held at Primary School. I recall vividly a very amusing and uncomfortable evening at Primary School where fathers took their sons to see an “educational” movie. I suspect that Mothers also took their daughters to see something similar, I’m sure my sister would remember…

12. Do you have any pets?
2 dogs, 2 cats, and Mark

13. Who do you admire?
My Parents.. they rock..  mind you the combination inheritance of their personality traits in one person (me) is sometimes daunting – lol

14. Summer or Winter?
From what I’ve seen of Winter here in Washington State, I’m looking forward to Summer. Snow is pretty, but too cold for me.

15. What inspires you?
Books, music and my friends

16. Favourite day of the week?
Friday and Payday

17. What languages do you speak?
I’m bilingual… I speak fluent English and very fluent profanity..

18. Do you like your handwriting?
It’s ok, other people seem to like it though, I would prefer it if I could do that spidery calligraphy stuff though

19. Favourite family member?
Too hard to choose. Besides they have access to this response. *grin*  Can I say “me”?

20. Favourite flowers?
Frangipani or a good scented rose

21. Favourite Food?
Gnocchi con spinaci with a touch of chilli

22. Favourite restaurant?

23. Favourite sandwich?
Chicken and Avocado

24. Favourite ice cream?
French bourbon vanilla bean

25. Favourite Home Made Meal?
Chicken Satay

26. What Is Your Favourite Dessert?
Mum’s citrus cheesecake

27. Favourite non alcoholic drink?
Water or Mineral Water

28. Favourite cocktail?
Anything with Gin or Vodka or Champers or….  I’m fairly easily pleased as long as it’s not anything sweet or remotely related to Southern Comfort – blurgh

29. If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be?
Alan Rickman – sardonic pleasure at its finest

30. Coke or Pepsi?
Neither, as many times when I’ve tried to order a Coke here in the U.S.A. I’ve always received a blank look. Surely my accent isn’t that strong. Although in one case in particular I do suspect that the person I was requesting the drink from was just stupid beyond words. Water I’m understood on.

31. Glass half empty or half full?
Half full and it should be topped up post haste!

32. Favourite saying or phrase?
Riiiiiiiiiiiight or Excellllllllllllllllent (Mr Burns style)

33. How many times did you fail your practical driver’s test?
I didn’t, I passed with 97% in Australia, and 100% in the U.S.A. Although here in Washington I’d suggest that anyone who even knows what a turn indicator is, is already more advanced than the majority of drivers here.

34. Been in a car accident?
Yes, a few, and fortunately on all occasions no one was hurt. I’ve only been at fault once, just for the record.

35. Where would you like to go on vacation?
Right now, home to Australia or around Europe.

36. What is your most embarrassing CD?
My CD’s are fairly acceptable, but I do have some embarrassing records. That’s right “records”, those round vinyl disk things that completely pre-date digital music.

37. If you were another person, would YOU be friends with you?
Yes, perhaps I/We could pool resources and have double the fun

38. What do you do most when you are bored?
Read or listen to music, most of my music listening is done at the gym now, my other tactic for avoiding boredom. Oh, and I blog sometimes too.

39. Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell?
Not that I can remember, but I’ve enough information on a lot of people that I could write a spectacular expose, but I shall take them all to the grave with me.  (Edit:  That should read that I’ll take the secrets to the grave…  Not the people.)

40. Looks or personality?
Mix of both.. but preferably personality..  looks fade and most pretty people are boring as bat shit or just can’t shut up talking about themselves…  (and apologies to any of you self centred buggers who think I’m wrong – lol)

41. How do you release anger?
I punch him. Just kidding! I have a rant either verbally or via my blog.

42. What characteristics do you despise?
Infidelity, dishonesty, disrespect, insincerity and the inability to realise that long black socks are not acceptable with shorts along with white socks with black pants and shoes, or socks and sandals!! Seriously get a grip!!!

43. Have you ever had the police knock on your front door for no reason?
Yup.. but they were dad’s work mates…

44. Do you trust others easily?
Sometimes, but breach that trust and you’re very likely to never regain it, and to be honest I’ll probably just have no more to do with you.

45. Do you still have your tonsils?
I think so, but this one time, at band camp…..

46. What was your favourite toy as child?
My red fire truck – which over three decades later, I still have

47. What class in high school do you think was totally useless?
Indonesian but that was because I wanted to learn French but out of a student body of nearly 1000 students I was the only one who elected to learn it, so they cancelled the course and forced me to study Indonesian.  Selamat Pagi to that I say! 😉

48. How many hours per week do you spend on the internet?
It might actually be easier to answer how many hours I’m not on the Internet, and I’d say roughly about 8-9 per day, and that includes sleep and gym.

49. Do you keep a journal?
Not exactly, but my blog is sort of a surrogate version.

50. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
If my lips are moving you could safely say yes!

51. Your nicknames?
Craig has worked for me.  Bitch, Pookie, Bastard, Craigy Pants, fortunately I’m thick skinned – haha Some people address me by my surname, WHICH I DESPISE!  PLEASE DON’T! and for you funny people, that’s not a challenge to do it as often as you can!

52. Would you bungee jump?
Already have and have the certificate, video and t-shirt to prove it.  That being said… I’m not rushing back to do it again.

53. Been toilet papering?
Not since we upgraded to 4 ply… much too nice to toss over a tree/house/car etc

54. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no, especially not when I’m wearing thongs

55. Do you think that you are strong?
Yes, physically and emotionally

56. Shoe Size?
10-13 depending on the brand, and I tried on 70 pairs last week, there’s absolutely no consistency between sizes and brands.

57. What is your least favourite thing about yourself?
My bank balance

58. What is the most favourite thing about yourself?
I kind of like my hair, when it does what it’s supposed to do. Maybe my wit and charm sense of humour and all that other stuff people say I have…

59. What’s your special talent?
Not resorting to homicide. Given the last couple of years, that’s been a HUGE talent.

60. Who do you miss most?
My family and my friends back in Australia.  I miss my friends here too, when I don’t see them.

61. What colour pants and shoes are you wearing?
Tartan pants and a white t-shirt. Relax! It’s not as bad as it sounds. I’m sick and they’re pj’s. Illness trumps fashion.

62. What are you listening to right now?
The television which is on in the lounge room.

63. Last thing you ate?
A bowl of porridge with a sprinkling of raw sugar.

64. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?
Sea green-blue

65. What is the weather like right now?
Cold, grey and quite glary.

66. The first thing you notice about the opposite sex?
Eyes and face

67. What kind of car do you drive?
Acura 2007 RDX

68. Favourite Sport to play?

69. Favourite Sport to watch?
Men’s gymnastics, it used to be volleyball until the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

70. Hair Colour?
White, Auburn, Chocolate Brown, and blonde. Some of these are actually natural…

71. Eye colour?
Hazel green. Sometimes they’re red…

72. Do you wear contacts?
Not for a couple of years, and that was only to change my eye colour.

73. Tattoos?
Not yet, still undecided

74. Piercing’s?
Yes, 4, and I’m not telling you where…

75. Last Movie You Watched?
This Film Is Not Yet Rated

76. Scary movies Or Happy Endings?
Either is good, usually mood dependant though.  Of course it’s all dependent on your definition of ‘Happy Ending’ too.  LOL!

77. What Books Are You Reading?
The Witching Hour – Anne Rice

78. What fabric detergent do you use?
Radiant Powder, only available in Australia to my knowledge, we just had a lot that was brought with us.

79. What is/are your favourite TV show(s)?
Medium, Lost, Desperate Housewives, What Not To Wear (USA and UK versions), Dr Who, Veronica Mars, Most Haunted…  Remember, I’m sick, I’ve a lot of couch time going on at the moment.

80. What Did You Watch Last night on TV?
American Idol and Veronica Mars

81. Favourite Smells?
Coffee, Daphne, Gardenia, Frangipani, Fresh Bread, Rain, Freshly cut grass etc

82. Favourite sounds?
Ocean, silence, and laughter.

83. Rolling Stones or Beatles?
Can’t the rolling stone just roll over the beatle and we play something more current?

84. Do you believe in Evolution or Creation?
All of the above…  Although you’d think “stupidity” would have been bred out with evolution…

85. What’s the furthest you’ve been from home?
Where I am now, in the U.S.A.

86. Where would you retire?

87. How much do you love your job?
I’d love to be legally allowed to work in this country so I could love or hate a job.

88. If you could live anywhere in the world?
For now, home is in the U.S.A, ultimately though home is back in Australia.



15 responses

14 02 2007

Well l must say, that was like reading a page, from the This is My Life book. You’re not a bad bloke after all, miss you xx

14 02 2007

just so you know…. It’s *ALL* your fault!654C002E7B4C95BD!2011.entry

14 02 2007

Hmmm malformed linkage. WordPress doesn’t like it.

Can you delete that first comment?


14 02 2007

well….damn 😐 nevermind then. Delete BOTH the previous comments. It doesn’t like linkage at all.

Anyway….it’s posted over at my place.

14 02 2007

To read Chris’ reply checkout HILLBOY on my blogroll.

Chris – I decided to leave the comments there, technically the link is accurate, just damn WordPress won’t let me leave it as a hyperlink either. Hmmm..

14 02 2007

Gee, your more like your father than you know,
Blame me for everything ! HA.

14 02 2007

Umm Mum, you might want to wear your glasses. You weren’t blamed for anything.
That was Chris blaming me.

You’re going/gone mental… and for the record I had nothing to do with it 😛

15 02 2007

Who’s this Daphne girl you think smells so nice LOL

And reading your responses it’s really no wonder we get along… peas in a pod!

And yes I will now post similar on my blog… did it have to be 88 questions?

15 02 2007
Philip (pj)

*waves* from the shores of Coogee, NSW 🙂

1 week today since I officially moved in!!

Life is good 😉

15 02 2007

Jamie – I think you know her, she hangs around with a tall blonde, lanky dog, scrawny man, and a short girl with big glasses that wears ‘comfortable shoes’. 😉 LOL!
As for the 88 questions… That was the combination of 6 surveys, that were all between 50 and a 100 questions long. I did my VERY VERY best to merge them all, remove duplicates and dumb questions to leave the 88. It could have been SO much worse. 😉

PJ – congrats, I’m not visiting 😛

16 02 2007

Ahhh Craig, So this Daphne chick lives somewhere near Northcote then. LOL

It is an interesting note that that personality test I did when I started the with National Australia Bank was 88 questions long 😛

Almost done my questions… sheesh that’s a lotta work.

16 02 2007

Yes Northcote, or perhaps Fitzroy, but definitely North, maybe even West… Say, Daylesford. LOL! 😉

You have my utter sympathy, what most didn’t realise is that, that particular post has been sitting partly done in my drafts files since November 2006, I’ve been working on it on and off. 😉

Can’t wait to see your responses.

16 02 2007
Tyroga - A Human Equivalent » Blog Archive » Getting to Know You is Getting Around

[…] first it was Craig over at Another Boy From Oz, then his friend Chris, so now it is my turn and anyone else who wants to join […]

22 02 2007

Hey Craig… I have been such a lazy little bugger that i haven’t been keeping up with ur day to day life via ur blog.. bad me.. u will have to spank me when ur home next 🙂 and yes when we do finally meet in person u do have permission do that LOL, So i have been reading all ur entries tonight.. and totally realising how i miss our indepth conversations we had when u lived here via MSN. I hope when we finally do get to meet face to face that u arent totally stunned and left speechless by my beauty LOL. I have enjoyed reading ur survey, have learnt alot from it POOKIE..:) (my new name for u) Am hoping we catch up soon even if it is by typing on a computer screen.. speak soon u hunk of a man of your life Stephen

22 02 2007

Stephen… awww how can I hate you when you say such lovely things? LOL! You saucy minx you! Chuckle @ Pookie *grin*

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