Face to face

16 03 2007

It’s not long now until I meet my ‘cyber-penpal’ Lloyd for the first time.

We first met online in a chat room almost 9 years ago, and have become great friends over the years.  There’s been many phone calls, exchanged written letters, cards and gifts, but there has never really been any serious consideration given to actually meeting in person due to the distance between our countries of birth.

Until of course I relocated from Australia to Washington State last August 2006, a move that made the idea of actually meeting in person something a little more achievable, and something that will finally happen tomorrow.

It’s all feeling a little surreal actually.

It was only a couple of short months ago that I met another online friend who I’ve known only slightly longer than Lloyd in person.  Same scenario, we never expected to meet, and yet we did, with the added bonus of also meeting another person who we’d both been speaking to, who actually originate from the U.K. who was staying with her at the time.  So a single visit and 2 international friends met.  Very cool and so very convenient.

It’s going to be pretty exciting, and of course there should be plenty of photos.  That is of course unless we get too caught up in the event that is Lloyd’s 40th birthday party and forget.

It’s going to be a very busy weekend, and yet, a fun one.

I can’t wait.

So as per yesterdays sign off…

Create a wonderful day for yourself.




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