A sad anniversary

1 06 2007

Allowing for my being in a different time zone, as I write this it’s almost exactly a year since I left the employ of Moorabool Shire Council in preparedness to move to Seattle.  A sadder day I can’t remember (work related).
It was an awesome job and I got to work with and meet a lot of truly awesome people.

So a BIG HELLO to all of you out in Moorabool!

Aussie time it’s almost 5pm, June 2nd.  This time last year, I was saying my goodbyes and walking out the door.  *sob*  Awwww.

If memory holds, it was out of the door and straight home to change, and then back to the Pub for quite a few beers at the Border Inn.  Ahhh the good ol’ days.

Don’t you worry though, I’ll be back, and back with a vengeance and a great big “G’day Sunshine!” to all of you.

It’s now a full year since I’ve worked.  Dammit!  Well paid employment anyway, cleaning up after Mark is a full time job, and one that I’ll gladly resign from.

Have an awesome weekend!

Blink and you’ll miss it

1 06 2007

This is going to be a quickie.  The weather is too good to be inside for more than is absolutely necessary, and as much as I want to flood you with information, despite not having any anyway, I’d rather be getting some sun.

Today was another gym day with my trainer, but this time I convinced her that it was much more beneficial to be outside in the sun and fresh air, than inside on the treadmill.  Quite frankly, the treadmill is starting to bore me to tears, that, and I think my body has finally grown accustomed to it, as the weight loss has really slowed down.  So I’ve made an effort to mix things up a bit, with more bike, and as of today an outdoor workout, combining a lot of stair climbing (we raced each other, I won – YAY ME!), sprints, and speed walking.  All out in the sun, and while it’s not Australia, at least the weather has warmed up enough to be slightly reminiscent.

So a good way to start the day, exercise in the sun.  I could get used to this.  Especially if my waist line keeps diminishing.  Always a good thing.

Hope you’re enjoying your day as well.  It’s Friday here for me, and I know some of you who read this are already into the weekend.

Have a good one!