Pulling weeds

2 06 2007

That’s how my day started.  The gardener who was coming to give us an estimate on the epic task of turning the yards back into pristine gardens was running slightly late this morning, so by the time he did appear, I was already outside pulling the weeds myself.

At least one part of the garden is clean and pretty now, and I’ve even managed to (by hand I might add) cut up a good third of the tree that fell down in the yard in the storms just prior to Christmas.  So much productivity so soon on a weekend.  I’m just amazing. 😉

Other than that, it’s a big old case of “same ol’ same ol'” with a large dose of annoyance thrown in.  For the record, I could have done WITHOUT the annoyance.

I yearn for a drama free life.  I know it’s out there…  Somewhere…  Please?

Ok, best get back to it, I have a lot of sorting and filing to be done today (electronically – fortunately), so much for being outside in the sun!  Urgh!