Parlez-vous français?

3 06 2007

Nope?  Me either…  But I’m learning.

Way way way way way back in my past…  In fact, that’s not far enough, so please feel free to add as many “way’s” as you feel may be appropriate, I studied French for 6 months in my first year of High School, AND I loved LOVED LOVED it, not that it mattered, as when it came time to pick subjects for the following year, language being one of them, it turns out I was one of the few students in the school that chose French, so the course was canceled.

As such, I was bundled into the next class that had a vacancy; Indonesian.  Now, let me apologise to any Indonesian readers I may (or not) have, no offense, I did actually learn something, but my first love was French, so to be forced to learn a language that wasn’t my first choice…  Well, you can imagine how attentive a student I was…  Or as the case may be, wasn’t.

Anyway…  Seems I’ve held a grudge over that for quite some time…  I could have been WAY fluent by now, but there you go.

Enter, the Rosetta Stone, French Level 1 and 2 software package.  Now after all these years (refer back to previous “Ways”) I’m going to be learning French again.

I’ve already had a short play this morning, and was kind of impressed at just how fast it is to pick up the basics of a language based on the visual image and the spoken word.  I’d heard about and read all the hype, that this application teaches you a language in exactly the same way that learning your own native one does.

You start with nothing, and then with the spoken word / sentence and the association of appropriate imagery you pick it up.  Exactly like you did as a child.  Too cool yes?  No matter I think so!

So this will be my new task for myself, in amongst the getting slim, fit and gorgeous, ok well slim and fit, but don’t be bursting my bubble, ok?  πŸ˜‰   Add to the mix, playing chauffeur, household chores and job hunting, now I’ll be learning French too.

Je suis ainsi passionnant je pourrais juste faire pipi !

Oh, the French bits in this post, aren’t because I’m a language prodigy.  You can thank the Google Language Translator.  I’m not that clever… Yet.  Give me time though, it’s only been 10 minutes.

So if you want to know what I wrote, go Google it my pretties!

Au revoir!  <=== that bit I learnt and still remembered from High School.  *laugh*

Even more sunshine

3 06 2007

I don’t believe it…  If this weather keeps up I just might start to love it here.  Although home is STILL where my friends and family are, back home in Australia.

To my friends over here, awwww…  I still love you, but I’ll love you more if you all relocate to Australia with me. πŸ˜‰

So far it’s a lovely relaxed Sunday, all the windows and doors are open, and a nice Summer breeze is blowing through the house, and all the children (Oliver, Mulder, Dolce and Vita) are sun baking.  The little cherubs.  The only down side to the nicer weather…  The animals are shedding like it’s going out of fashion.

Ha!  See!  I knew when I bought the bulk pack of sticky lint rollers that I was doing the right thing.  Phooey!! to those who said it was a waste of money.

The other nice thing is, that the scales numbers have started heading South again, I do love it when I have a decrease, and it’s been so long.  The gym work, diet and 20/20 is all paying off.

I’ve been through my old clothes and identified that for my 21st birthday I had a 30″ waist, no idea what that is in Metric, I’m going purely by the label.  Still a ways to go, but I’ll see if I can get there again.  I’ve kept aside some of the clothes I had from WAY back then, just so I can squeeze into them one day.  The minute that I can, they’re off to Goodwill or some other charitable organisation.

So that’s it from me.  It’s sunny, therefore I’m happy.  Or to quote someone who’s blog I read recently, and will at a later stage pay homage to.  The Sun’s out, and I’ve been elected Mayor of Happyville.

Cheers! πŸ™‚