Tropical panic

4 06 2007

Firstly…  The heat wave over here has temporarily ended with a slightly cooler day and forecasts for rain.

But, not before the majority of the state snap-purchased almost every air-conditioner available in the retail sector, which I find slightly amusing.

In fact the allure of air-conditioning in general is so strong, that some people have taken to using it in their marketing ploys for Personals Ads…  

Example:  Down to earth, has own air-conditioning, seeking….

Of course thrill seekers, that’s all I look for in a partner…  The opportunity for someone to blow cold air instead of always venting hot air, to me, is always a positive selling point. *grin*

For now though, I’d best get moving and go make my “yummy in my tummy” morning breakfast protein-fibre-peanut butter-berries shake, shower, record food intake in meal tracker/diary, and get to the gym for a workout, get showered and changed into weight free, gravity defying, opaque and yet almost non-existent clothing, for my next weigh in with the dietician…  Hmm perhaps body paint!  Bwahaha!

There was one downside to my last meeting with her…  Since the previous meeting I’d lost so much weight I had to invest in a belt to hold my shorts up (true story!), when you’re weighed, it’s done fully clothed, and they guesstimate what you’re wearing to weigh in total 3lbs which is roughly 750g.  Ha!  Not so, my funky new belt, which was bought for it’s looks and for practical application, weighs almost the same amount as the guesstimate, all on it’s lonesome.

God damn fashion screwed me at the critical weigh in.  That IS NOT going to happen today.

Every little bit counts, extra cardio, to sweat out extra liquid, no glasses, watch, belt, etc.  A pit stop at the loo on the way through…  Everything.  You may laugh, go on, I do…  But now I completely understand the old joke of people standing on the scale and taking off everything they have.

That being said, I STILL DO NOT understand the people in the change rooms who can’t weigh themselves without being stark naked with their towel around their ankles.  More often than not, they just shouldn’t be naked in public, but secondly, and I’ve said it before, is it really necessary to bend over and pick it up without bending at the knees?

COME ON PEOPLE!  A LITTLE BIT OF COURTESY GOES A LONG WAY.  I don’t actively put myself in situations where my fragile little mind is scarred by such horrific visuals, but sometimes it seems that no matter where I look, there’s an unnecessary display.

Ok, I still have to go eat, so will stop now before I completely gross myself out.  Ha!

Have an awesome day, and make it awesome for those around you too! πŸ™‚