Status Quo

5 06 2007

It’s grey, cold and wet here again.  Things are back to normal weather wise here in Seattle.  Yay… *sigh*

Along with the sun, seems all my energy has gone as well.  I’d much rather have spent the morning in bed, wound up in the doona, nice and snug and warm.

But no, I had to get showered, dressed, take Mark to work, and then go to the gym.  AND.  I really didn’t want to!  NOT.  AT.  ALL!

But I did, and thankfully it’s over, I even got to watch Ellen while I was on the Elliptical trainer, so as much as I wasn’t feeling up to exercise of any form, at least I got to laugh while I did it.  That always helps.

But it’s all done now, I’m home, and back in some warmer clothes, and as of a few seconds from now will have another daily blog entry out of the way.  Slack I know, but an entry is an entry.  😉

So hope you all have an awesome day, and Happy Belated Birthday to Natalie for yesterday.  Although technically for this timezone it’s today.  So Happy Happy Birthday!

Be good!  Or…  Be good at whatever it is you’re doing!