Crawlin over the hump

6 06 2007

Well, it’s Hump day.  Excited and full of energy I’m not.  Still.

The weather here has gone cold, grey and wet again.  So much for Summer, they’ve even mentioned on the news this morning that there’s snow to be expected in the mountains not too far from here.  Well far enough that it’d take a couple of hours by car.  But that’s still too close for me during Summer.

I managed to schlep myself to the gym for my Wednesday training session, where despite my own misgivings I started working out a good 30 minutes earlier than my session.  This is something that I do regularly, but today I just wasn’t feeling it.

Cut to 40 minutes of cardio (step machine, bike and treadmill) later and we finally moved into the fun stuff.  I say fun, but I really mean Ouchy, ouch, urgh, grimace, ow, ow work.  It’s not that bad, actually it’s the stuff I enjoy, it does hurt a little, but that’s how I know it’s working.

Lots of balance work, crunches, side planks, pushups on rocking balls (are you mad?!  apparently not…) etc…

And.  Just for good measure, just when it was all over, I toddled back to the video bikes and climbed back on to watch the last in the series of educational videos that are inclusive of the 20/20 Fitness program.  I’m WAAAAY ahead of schedule on these, as I’ll often watch 2 or 3 at a time.  But I guess I’ll just start to watch them all over again in the near future.  I’m taking a break from them for a bit first.

So that’s my day.  Another gym filled one.

There’s only one conundrum to ponder today.  One that I discovered while piling all my gym clothes into the washer downstairs…

Why is it, that when I go to the gym every day of the week, and one day on the weekends, then shower, and get dressed again, does Mark have more socks and underwear to be washed than me?  Well?

On that note…  I’m off to have some lunch.  I is hungry!