7 06 2007

Gawd, another week is drawing to a close, and I tell ya, for someone that should have a completely open schedule and a lot of free time, I’m pretty damn busy constantly.

This fitness program really is eating up nearly all the time I have each day.  No damn wonder when I was working full time I was a tubby arsed bugger.

I certainly made the right decision in deciding to enroll in the 20/20 program while I’m not working.

Anyway, enough whining.  I’ve just got home from the gym (again), another day, another 75 minutes of Cardio during which I get to watch Ellen.  It’s pretty funny really, I’ve never in my life watched day time television, but now that I’m at the gym, I do.  Oh well, if it makes the treadmill time go faster, I’m all for it.  Besides I’ve decided I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ellen, that woman is hysterically funny.  Add into the mix Wanda Sykes and I nearly fell of the treadmill laughing a couple of times.  Fortunately this time I wasn’t alone in my mirth (I get some strange looks sometimes…), there was another lady watching the program a couple of machines over from me, she was laughing too.  We exchanged a couple of wry smiles and nods as we acknowledged our shared entertainment.  We had a moment.  *laugh*

Mulder and Oliver Pillow 7 June 2007That being all said and done, I’m home.  It’s still cold and wet outside, so the heater is on, and the pets are in.  The cats are curled up on the bed on the pillow.  If you don’t mind…  Way to take liberties.

Mulder (black cat) was there when I left the house this morning at 9.30am, and when I returned at 12’ish was still there but had been joined by Oliver.  Can you say “spoilt”?

It’s time for lunch now, so have fun everyone.

Oh, before I go, Congratulations to Stella and Malcolm on their new addition; Madeline Elise who came into the world yesterday.  How exciting! ๐Ÿ™‚

Love to all.

*air kisses*  bwahaha! ๐Ÿ˜‰