8 06 2007

Woohoo, a whole week of gym done, complete, over, and never to be re-visited.  Well as much as exercising regularly for the rest of your life is not re-visiting anyway…  I don’t know, I’ve just confused myself now.

At least the sun is back out today, which makes a nice change, so I’m in a much sunnier mood, literally and figuratively.

So as a reward I think I’m going to go shopping this afternoon.  Not that I’m aiming to buy anything, but it is nice to try on things in smaller sizes.  Especially now that the pair of smaller jeans that I bought as a “goal”, and managed to squeeze into a little under 2 weeks ago, now require a belt for me to wear them in a socially acceptable manner.  Gotta love that, oh and as I was running out the door, buckling my belt I realised I it was too big too, so I had to detour quickly and punch some new holes in that too.

Very very happy with the progress so far.  So happy that I rewarded myself with a sliver of cheesecake last night at a friends’s birthday dinner.  Unfortunately my body doesn’t like processed food these days, so not long after I had it, it was involuntarily purged.  Oopsies!  It was nice while it lasted, but dairy and sugar and I just don’t get along anymore.

Oh well, saves having to count up the calories.  *laugh*

Ok, enjoy, have a great weekend, and I’ll catch you on the flipside.