Whadda ya mean it’s not diet cheesecake?

11 06 2007

Oopsies!  Well at least I didn’t get yelled at or bashed by my dietician today.

Let’s just say that last week I didn’t exactly stay on plan when it came to my dietary choices.  In my defense, and my dietician agrees, that even though I did go off plan, I made relatively good choices.

The only let down.  This week I only lost 0.2kgs (0.4lbs).  Not great, but better than gaining, especially given I had a sliver of cheesecake, some chocolate, went out for Greek food and coffee, and Mark made a yummy, yet totally heart clogging scrambled egg, salmon and avocado lunch yesterday, and I had two slices of pizza last night.

I won’t however be getting any additional food items back this week, a slight punishment, or it would be if I was upset about not having beans.  I’m not particularly a fan anyway.

So yes, I’ve been naughty.  I maintained my workouts, going to the gym every week day, but took the weekend off.  Dined out several times, and still managed to lose a little bit of weight.  The major bonus…  I’ve established that I can maintain a lifestyle that allows me variety in food, and one in which I can still maintain, and as the case was, lose a little weight.

That certainly revitalises my perspective on the whole program.  It also taught me that making some less than perfect choices can pretty quickly nullify the hard work put in at the gym.

Lesson learnt.  But, I really did enjoy the deviations I had during the week.

But back to the plan this week.  This week is going to be HUGE.  As we’re heading to Vancouver soon’ish, I’ve rescheduled some of my personal training sessions, so as not to lose them while I’m away.
That means that this week, I’m working with my trainer, EVERY day.  It’ll be like a boot camp of sorts.
So, providing I stay on plan diet wise, this week could be a big weight loss week.  At the very least, I’ll be fitter, also known as sore.  *laugh*

So that’s it.  I’m off to have some lunch now, and rest up before bowling tonight.

Have a great day!

Happy 1st Birthday!

11 06 2007

Birthday CelebrationI missed the actual day, so this entry is being backdated…

But Outside the Box is now a whole year old!  When I started this I was sitting in my home office back in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria, Australia.  Now a whole year later, I’m sitting in my home office in Kirkland, Washington, U.S.A.  What a difference the year makes…

Happy Birthday and Thank you to my faithful readers!

I wonder where I’ll be another year from now…

Regardless of where I end up, I’m sure it’ll be an interesting journey.

Let the adventure begin…