Cheeky bugger!

12 06 2007

I have such a clever kitty.  Such a naughty kitty too.

Mulder, my black cat of almost 12 years… Or is it 13?  I’ll have to check, anyway…  He and I have a lot of history, and some of you may have read recently that he’s on “kitty prozac”.

So each and every day I have to give him a quarter of a tablet.  A quarter which is approx 1mm x 2mm in size.  So we’re not talking huge choking object.

Mulder’s a good boy, he usually takes tablets with no problems.  There’s none of the usual scratching, hissing, and head shaking that I’ve experienced in the past with other cats.  In fact Oliver is the same, they both trust me enough that they just tolerate the intrusion before swallowing.  Or they did, until today.

Mutiny!  Rebellion!  Dodgy practices!

This morning when I gave Mulder his tablet, he didn’t fuss, he even swallowed, and when I checked his mouth there was no sign of the tablet.  He even sat on the floor looking at me, un-phased, un-ruffled, and completely content.  Mission accomplished!  Hah!  Wrong!

Having been misled to believe the tablet was gone, I let him outside for the day.  Where he promptly looked me in the eye, and spat the tablet that he’d been hiding out to the decking floor, where it went straight between the floor boards to the ground below.  The decking is off the second storey of the house.

Little bugger!  Score 1 for Mulder.

Not to be beaten, I marched downstairs, and don’t ask me how I found it, but amongst the leaves I found that itty bitty tiny little piece of tablet, and much to Mulder’s utter disgust, stuck it back down his neck, making sure that it wasn’t coming back.

Score 1 for Mulder’s Daddy!

You had to see the disgusted look I got to believe it.  If looks could kill, I’d be nothing more than a pair of empty sports shoes on the decking with smoldering stubs where the rest of me used to be.

That was this morning.  I’ve been to the gym since, come home, and found Mulder, happily stoned out of his mind enjoying the sun.

That my friends, is Game – Set AND Match to me.

Silly kitty, he may be clever, but he’s number 12 in a long line of cats that I’ve owned since I was a child.

You could say I’ve been there, and done that. 😉

Have a great day!