Extending the olive branch

14 06 2007

Another busy day and a later than usual blog posting from me.  Slack!

I had a very early start at the gym today, day 4 in a row of having a Personal Trainer every day for a week.  If it sound lavish, all I have to say is HAH!  I hurt all over like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s like boot camp.
Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but I am hurting right now, which is marvelous, especially as I’m heading back to the gym again this afternoon to learn to play racquetball.  Look at me being an athlete…  *laugh*

I still wasn’t happy with my haircut this morning, in fact I was still pretty angry, but rather than worry too much about it, I did my training session, and jumped in the car and started heading home.  At about the half way mark, I thought DAMMIT don’t be a chicken.  You don’t like your haircut, rather than be a coward and never go back just for the sake of avoiding a confrontation.  Call the gym!

So, you know what?  I did.  I was polite, I explained that I’d just the previous day had a VERY expensive haircut and colour ($240!!!!  Do you mind!?  Had I known that before I walked in, I’d still be sitting here with longish brown hair… But I digress), and that I wasn’t happy with the cut and would like to have it fixed.
The nice lady on the phone apologised, and went to check with the stylist to see that I could in fact have it fixed without being charged (so charitable of them), before returning to say they’d happily fix it for me, and when would I like to come in.  My hair has now been fixed for a good 90 minutes.  Yay!  Although admittedly I had done most of the “fixing” myself overnight.  Clever boy I am.  Anyone looking for a husband?  I’m a great catch, even if I do say so myself.  *laugh*

Meanwhile…  Like I said, in the past, I’d have burnt that particular bridge and never gone back to that stylist, but instead, I called, let them know I wasn’t happy, and they fixed it immediately and apologised profusely.  I’m happy now, a budding relationship didn’t have to be crushed for a misunderstanding.

The price however…  Well that’s another story.  Let’s just say I’ll be a LOT more vigilant in future when I tell my hairdresser that she can “do whatever you like”.   In fact next time I may go as far as saying “Do whatever you like, but don’t rob me blind while you’re doing it”.

There’s a lesson there for all of us… 😉

Have a great day!