End of Boot Camp

15 06 2007

Well that’s it, today marked the last day of “bootcamp”.  I’ve worked out with my Personal Trainer five days in a row this week, and add to that I had a racquetball lesson and game last night, and I’m in a whole world of pain right now.

In fact after dinner post racquetball last night, we headed out firstly so Mark could by himself the new HD DVD Drive for the Xbox 360 because there’s a sale on right now where you get the drive cheaper than he can through work, along with 2 HD movies, and to get me some court shoes for racquetball.  We were told after our lesson that running shoes (just like what I was wearing) could cause injury as they’re not the best for racquetball…

Ummm thanks for that.  Could you perhaps have told me before I played and pulled my calf muscle?  *laugh*

So after Mark got his electronics fix, we headed to the local sports store to get me some more appropriate shoes.  YES, that’s right!  MORE SHOES!  Yay!

Post shoes purchase, we hit the local Pharmacy to get me some heat/ice packs and some Icy/Hot (like Deep Heat/Dencorub) to soothe the aches and pains.  It worked, but I smelt like an old peoples home.  In fact, right now the whole house STILL smells like an old people’s home, just with out the urine smell.  *laugh*  That’s so wrong!!

As you can imagine, I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about going to the gym this morning, but I went.   I also got there 45 minutes early, and started early to ensure that by the time my trainer arrived the cardio portion of my session was finished.  It was, and because I’m so clever, I convinced her that we should incorporate some stretching into the session.  She agreed, and we did.  It hurt like an absolute MpFo.  But I am feeling a whole lot better now.

Just in time to pack the animals up into cages and wrangle all four of them, by myself, to the Vet for another set of vaccinations.  This will be fun.  Poor little Oliver is going to be unwell again, he always is.  I must remember to remind them to give him an antihistamine injection first.  Have them check out Mulder as he’s old, and getting a bit crotchety, and check Dolce as she seems to have some stiffness in her joints.

Looks like it’ll be heatpacks and Icy/Hot for everyone.

Not such a bad idea, as the weather has turned bad here.  The first second I work out a way to send all this rain back to Australia, it’ll be on it’s way.

Before I go though HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROBERTA!  Hope you have/had (time zones confuse me) a fantastic day!
ROBERTA DI BUON COMPLEANNO! La speranza che avete/che avuta (le zone di tempo lo confondono) un giorno fantastico!

Have a great day everyone!