Soggy Sunday

17 06 2007

… and that is NOTHING like a Sao!

So much for getting the tree cut up today.  It was another wet day here in Washington State, so there wasn’t a great deal of what we wanted to do, that we were actually able to.

So there’s still a tree lying in the backyard, and the dogs are still unwashed.  Pooh!  AND they stink too!

We did however go out bargain hunting again, and I managed to convince Mark to buy some new shoes for himself.  I’d call them “dressy casual” and he may just be one of the better shod nerds at Microsoft now just for the experience.  For me, vicarious shoe shopping is just about as satisfying as doing it for myself.  I did however find one more pair for myself, this pair being what I would call “The Grail”, more expensive than anything I’ve bought so far, but a good 60% off the original retail price.  They’re as comfortable as a second skin too.

All in a days work really.

It’s Father’s Day here in the U.S of A.  So Happy (early/American) Father’s Day Dad!  We’ll do it again in September! 😉

Hooroo, I’m off for the evening, I’ve an early start in the morning.