Branching out

18 06 2007

What a day!  AND another late blog entry.  Oh well, it’s been a pretty busy day today.

I’ve been and worked out with my trainer again today, although today was more fun than workout, as it consisted of a 15 minute power walk warm up on the treadmill, followed by 45 minutes of racquetball.  My very first proper game too.
I lost, but considering I’ve not played before, I don’t think a 15-8 loss is all that bad.  I even managed to make my trainer break out in a sweat.  I’d already accepted that she was going to win as she plays quite often, but “by George” I was going to make her work for it, and I did.

It was certainly a lot of fun, and certainly got my heart rate up into the target zone, and beyond it at almost 180 beats per minute.  It was just like having a dance party dj hammering around in my chest…  😉

From training it was off for a shower, then to meet with the dietician.  Fortunately this week I didn’t have any sins to confess from the previous week, and have lost some more weight.  Not too shabby, especially given we’ve dined out a lot lately.  But I have been good, there are a surprising amount of salad / healthy options out there if you really look for them.
In fact this week, because I’d been such a good boy, I was rewarded with a new food group to be added back to my daily food intakes.  This one is beans and legumes.  Thank god, as much as I’m not a huge bean fan, when you can’t have them, you certainly miss them.  So now I can quite guiltlessly eat chickpeas and hummus again!  Yay!

Off the top of my head I can’t remember exactly what amount of weight I lost, and right now I’m feeling a little too tired to go and check (give me a break, I’ve only just a short moment ago finished working in the garden), but it was around 1.5-2kg or something like that.

Other than all of that…  I’ve finally chain sawed up the tree in the backyard that came down in the storms before Christmas.  There’s a large pile of small branches and debris that have to be gotten rid of now, but I think I’ll ask the gardener tomorrow to get rid of them, or at least tell me how much it’ll cost for him to do it rather than me.
The firewood pile is now nicely stocked again, just in time for a Washington Summer, I’m sure I’m going to need it.  Although, typical to this area, it rained all damn weekend so I couldn’t cut the tree up, and was grey and overcast while I did it.  Now that I’m finished and inside…  Well, it’s sunny.  GRRR!

Oh well, it’s done, and I’m off for a shower.

Happy Birthday to Trevor (bro-in-law)!

Have a great day to everyone else.



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