Blue skies and sun

19 06 2007

Finally, the weather has improved again.  Just in time for the gardeners too.

I was expecting them to arrive at 9am, so had woken early to ensure that I could get Mark to work and be home in time to let them in.  They beat me to the punch by a good 90 minutes, arriving at 7.30am.

If it hadn’t been for the dogs barking madly, I’d never have realised they were even here.  But they are, and they’re working madly on restoring the yards to some semblance of “garden” as opposed to “wild forest”.  Which it really was, there were some weeds that were almost as tall as us.  I took a photo of Mark standing next to a couple of them, and I think they may actually have been taller than him.  Not a bad effort.

Today is going to have to be a pretty much gym free day, as I have to be home all day while the gardeners are here, although I have booked a racquetball court for this afternoon, so I’ll still get a workout of sorts in.

… and that’s about it for me.

Short and sweet.

Be good, or be good at whatever you’re doing.  Hooroo!