Oot and aboot!

21 06 2007

We’re here “Ay!”.

We made it safely across the border with only a slight delay to have our passports stamped to allow us into Canada, and what a HUGE relief it is to be back in the land of METRIC, a Commonwealth country, and to see a picture of the Queen again!  Oh yes, and Cadbury chocolate too!   Of course that’s not part of my diet, so it’ll be staying exactly where I saw it…  On the shelf!

We’re all checked in to the hotel, and have already visited the local Supermarket and Japanese restaurant which are conveniently across the road from where we’re staying.

It does seem however, that we’ve managed to select a hotel in one of the seedier areas of Vancouver.  It’s an area that is very much like what Chapel Street and Acland Street in Melbourne were like a good 20 years ago.  On the upward climb from grime into much coveted real estate.


Tomorrow will start relatively early so we can get breakfasted and head off to the American Consulate where I’ll be applying for a new Visa.

So far everything is going well.  There’s only one problem, which isn’t a huge one.  I brought the wrong power adaptor for my laptop.  I brought the Australian travel cord, not the American one.  Dammit!

Oh well, looks like I’ll be looking for a travel adaptor.

Have a great night.  I’m off to bed.