Tag! You’re…

23 06 2007

Shit!  I was catching up on reading some blogs last night and noticed that quite a few had been “tagged” and then shared the joy/misery with others.  I thought it funny that I’d been excluded…  Or so I thought…

Thanks Peter of Tippin’ the Scales! πŸ˜‰  Seems I hadn’t escaped after all.  So what the hell.  The idea is to share 8 pieces of information about yourself that people wouldn’t know about you, and then nominate 8 other people to do the same.

Unlike some of my other counterparts out there in Cyber land, I’m not going to share any items that would make my mother clutch at her pearls in horror to read.

So here they are:

1. I usually wouldn’t respond to this form of request, and am not a fan of perpetuating chain requests…  I’m making an exception this time around, as I really can’t think of anything else to blog about this morning.  *laugh*

2. I’ve broken my right big toe a total of 7 times while playing Volleyball.

3. I’m actually a lot shyer than people give me credit for.  What you see is usually “window dressing”…

4. My parents banned me from watching Lassie as a child as I’d cry for hours about the “poor doggie”.

5. I secretly (not so secretly now) wouldn’t have been at all upset if I’d not gotten my Visa approved yesterday, as it’d have meant I could return to Australia sooner.

6. When I’m away on business trips, I miss my pets more than my partner.  *laugh*  It’s true, the first business trip I had a few years ago to Sydney, I couldn’t sleep.  Not because I was away from Mark, but because I was away from Mulder, my cat.  We’ve slept together for over a decade.

7. Sometimes I want to give screaming children in Supermarkets “something to cry for”, before slapping their parents for not being more responsible and doing something about it.
I really do love children, but for god’s sake people, teach them to behave themselves.

8. I found this a lot harder than I imagined, and am sort of horrified that towards the end I started enjoying thinking of facts about myself to share.

So there you go.  The tag has been responded to.  A blog posting for today has been done.

Now time to share the misery/joy/fun etc.  Sorry guys, but welcome to the club. πŸ˜‰

My nominations / tags are:

  1. Tyroga A Human Equivalent
  2. Let’s Say You’re Right
  3. Whine and Cheese
  4. Bring D.A. Noise
  5. Flightless Hag
  6. At Random
  7. It’s About What We Say
  8. No Day Like Today

So that’s it.  We’re off shopping today, with one destination being Ikea, just so I can say I’ve been there in 3 countries.  *laugh*.  Such an adventurous soul I am. πŸ˜‰  *laugh*