29 06 2007

Ratatouille 2007Have you ever wanted a child just as an excuse to go and see a movie?  I have.

Have you ever seen a movie and loved it so much you wanted a child to see it it with?  I have here too!  Although I did have Mark with me, so that almost counts. 😉 *laugh*

We’ve only just arrived home from seeing Ratatouille which opened across cinemas today.  It’s a magnificent film.  Funny, entertaining, well animated, funny, caters to children and adults alike, funny…  Did I mention funny?

We saw the trailer for this movie quite some time ago, it was one of the teaser trailers that was shown a good 6 months or so ago.  Based on what we saw at the time, we weren’t interested.

Then a month or so ago we saw a new trailer, and we were hooked.  The trailer alone had us itching to see this movie.

The best bit?  The actual film itself lived up to its expectations.  Our anticipation and excitement were not in vain.

Remy is not your everyday kind of rat, he’s a discerning creature with a delicate palate and creative bent who knows he’s destined for greater things.  The movie follows his antics and endeavours into the culinary fields and his unlikely pairing with a completely inept human.  There’s much more to the story than that, but to find out, you’re simply going to have to see the movie for yourself.

There are visual jokes a plenty, laughs for the kids, innuendo for the “older kids”, it’s just simply a brilliant film.  But don’t take my word for it, go see it, and if you have kids, take them with you.

To give you an idea how funny it was, there was a young family sitting behind us, and about half way through the film I heard a young voice say “Daddy, I need to go potty”.  Daddy was heard to sigh, and from what I could gather, due to his enjoying the film, ignore his own offspring’s plea.  A second more imploring “Daddy, I NEED to go potty” had him reluctantly leave the theatre for a bathroom break.  He simply did not want to miss the film, and who could blame him.  I was thirsty and had a large bottle of water with me, but so as not to miss anything, I only had meager sips.  In fact I have pretty much a brand new bottle of water with me now.  The self same bottle. *laugh*

I’d loved it, in fact I’m already entertaining thoughts of seeing it again.  It’ll definitely be one of the movies that is added to the collection.


Furry reunion

29 06 2007

Well, we’re back, almost completely unpacked, and the animals are all home too, and they’re VERY happy to be back.

The dogs have been bathed and are all sweet smelling, a great change from the dog shaped stench beasts that we dropped off a week ago, and the cats have rediscovered their dependence on us.
Whereas they were getting a little standoffish, now they’re almost clingy.  Awwww…  they missed us.

We’ve crash landed back to reality, back to the chores, and fortunately for me, back to the gym too.  I’ve actually hit the point where I miss it.  Perhaps I’ve finally lost my mind.  I think not, or at least hope not.  It’ll be fun though.

Time to start planning the next trip.  The next one will be more local, there’s still so much of Washington State we’ve not seen.  If it’s anything like back home, usually the best things to see / visit are the ones closer to home that you’re just not aware of, or have taken for granted.  So it’s time to get back to the Tourist information and see what we can find.  First stop may just be the roller coaster that Mark located a short drive South of us.  Woohoo!