Buggery Bollocks!

30 06 2007

Marilyn BirthdayI missed my own anniversary!  Dammit!  I rarely miss dates, I’m a Calendar Nazi, but miss this one I did.

The first birthday of my blog.  A full year has passed already since I started it back on June 11 of last year (2006).

Back then I made myself a promise that I’d make an entry every day, I sort of hoped I’d keep my promise, and I did, even on the days when I truly didn’t feel the creative urge to type anything at all, I still posted something, even if it was simply a comment, a cartoon, a picture, whatever…  I posted something.

This all started out as my lazy attempt or perhaps it’s more practical, to keep my family and friends back in Australia abreast of what I was up to after I left my job, and commenced the steps to move myself and my life from Australia to Washington State, America for a new adventure.

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since then, but pass it has, and I’m still here, and hopefully you’re still here too.  I never imagined for a moment that I’d have more than a couple of dozen readers when I started this, what a surprise I got when I saw the numbers increase, and that according to SiteMeter that a lot of these readers were from all over the world, not just my home country Australia, and my adopted home country; America.

Since June 11 2006, there have been exactly 47,600 visitors as at the time of typing this entry.  I’m completely astounded!  What a blast!

So Happy Birthday to Outside the Box, you were an experiment to start with, and you’ve taken on a life of your own, and thank you to everyone who’s read and left comments, and to those of you who’ve lurked in the ether, reading silently.  I appreciate your support.

In the next couple of months, I’m going to finally start moving towards hosting my blog myself, as much as I love WordPress, I need more space than the free membership there has on offer.  So hopefully as time progresses, the entire look and feel of what you’re reading will change, as I’ll be able to get a lot more creative.

This coming year should be a fun one.

Until next post…  Hooroo! 🙂