Early morning education

31 07 2007

Fantastic, today’s word is completely appropriate for the creative state of my mind…

\STAY-sis; STAS-is\, noun;
plural stases \STAY-seez; STAS-eez\:

1. A state of balance, equilibrium, or stagnation.
2. Stoppage of the normal flow of a bodily fluid or semifluid.

Despite attempts at creativity my mind is in stasis.

Actually, that’s not entirely true, I’m churning through a few ideas at the moment, so with any luck there’ll be something later on this afternoon.

But now…  I’ve just arrived home from a 6am gym session, and I think I need a hot shower and to climb back into bed.


But wait, there’s more!

30 07 2007

Guess what today is?  That’s right, it’s *drum roll* Dietitician Weigh In Day!  Argh, not my favourite time of the week.

But it’s been done, and fortunately that’ll lead me into the Word of the Day where I’ll incorporate the results into the WOFTD sentence.

Today’s word:

\puhnk-TIL-ee-uhs\, adjective:

Strictly attentive to the details of form in action or conduct; precise; exact in the smallest particulars.

The sentence:

Thanks to my punctilious adherence to my eating plan I lost another 3.8lbs (1.7kg) last week.

Woohoo!  That’s 42.6lbs or 19.4kg’s since April, the hard work isn’t ending any time soon though.

Hope you’re all well wherever you are!

Shower me with knowledge

29 07 2007

I’ve had some great comments in reply to the WOFTD.  Thanks Glenn, that word obviously chewed up most of your bandwidth simply typing it. *laugh*

I’m about to head off for the evening, but not before I share the Word of the Day, which unfortunately didn’t arrive at all in my inbox today, so I had to go searching for it.  No matter, here it is.

\AM-buh-skayd; am-buh-SKAYD\, noun:
1. An ambush.

transitive verb:
1. To attack by surprise from a concealed place; to ambush.

The sentence:

Oliver our youngest cat, has perfected the art of ambuscade.  Often when you’re traversing the stairs of an evening…


Wading through treacle

29 07 2007


Thanks Rhonda for the title, I read it one of her recent postings, and loved it.

It describes my day so far, I’m tired, and my brain while functioning, is in power save mode.  There’s not a whole lot going on, other than what is required to sustain life.

Pretty like how Mark functions day-to-day unless he’s dealing with computers.  With which he’s pretty brilliant to a Rainman level.

So today I’ll be rummaging through my “Stuff for Blogging” folder and utilising something from there, and perhaps later on, if the email ever arrives, there’ll be a word for the day.

For now though, I leave you with some new safety footwear from Australia.  Enjoy!


Double word score?

28 07 2007

I’m just about to dash out the door for an hour of racquetball, but before I go here’s the WOFTD.


\muh-TOOT-n-uhl\, adjective:
Relating to or occurring in the morning; early.

The sentence:

There are days where if it weren’t for my matutinal 4 shots of espresso, I’d lapse into a coma.

Gotta run, lets see if there’s any blood spilt today. πŸ˜‰


Dictionary diving

27 07 2007

It’s a little late, but here it is, the WOFTD (Word of the Day).

\KOR-uh-skayt\, intransitive verb:

1. To give off or reflect bright beams or flashes of light; to sparkle.
2. To exhibit brilliant, sparkling technique or style.

The sentence:

Jason has a huge piece of bling that coruscate’s intensely.  So much that one feels they should wear sunglasses to look at it. 

Off to see The Simpsons Movie again.


Excellllllllllent, it’s Friday

27 07 2007

Well, I’ve been and seen The Simpsons Movie at The Seattle Cinerama Theatre, an absolutely spectacular complex.  We’ll be going again this evening to see it for a second time.
Why?  Well it’s certainly not because I thought it was that fantastic that it warranted a second viewing. 

It was certainly funny though

Thanks to the lovely Rich and Jase, we were the lucky recipients of complimentary VIP tickets to the best seats in the house.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!  We had purchased tickets for this evening prior to getting last nights ones.

If you’re a Simpsons fan, definitely go and see the film.  The run time is as long as watching two episodes in a row, so it’s not going to be a marathon session, so unless you’ve got a miniature bladder, you can certainly safely order the large coke! πŸ˜‰

Overall though, it was an awesome evening!  Even if it was a late one (we didn’t get home until around 2am).

Moving on…  It was another gym day today (aren’t they all?), this time working with my trainer; Milla again.  As I was a little (aka LOT) tired, I suggested we play racquetball rather than work the weight room.  It’s fun, and the competitiveness keeps me going, otherwise I really didn’t feel energetic enough for repetitive work.  Of course, she was interested, it’s the sort of workout that I get, where she has fun too.

Some of you may have read that the last time I played I hit her with the ball.  I say if you can’t beat them… Take them out…  So today I suggested that she definitely go find some safety glasses to borrow, since she didn’t have any of her own.  No matter.  Her eyes were safe! πŸ˜‰

Today’s rules were the loser had to do push-ups, of course it’s no revelation, that it was going to be me.  But I did only have to do one set, as not only were we both getting a little more competitive after I lost the first game, but I also managed to smack her right in the flesh part of her ass.  Ouchy! ouchy! ouchy!  Certainly looked that way from the look on her face.  Of course this time I didn’t ask to see it, or offer to ice it.  Her ass, her problem! *laugh*

Fortunately the session was over by the time that happened, so I didn’t have to do the second set of pushups.  Milla did point out however (unfairly I think) that she should have known better.  That playing me there’s a 95% chance of getting hit.  I felt this was unfair, so she amended her figures (to a much fairer and accurate) 66% chance, since I’ve hit her 2 out of 3 games.  *grin*

Gotta love a blood sport.

So that’s it, another eventful morning.  I’m home now, and I’m going to try and have those naps I’ve been talking about for weeks but never got around to having.

Oh… and just to be cryptic.  My fave item is a “blue line”! πŸ™‚  YAY!


It’s all a bit of a blur

26 07 2007

Another day is over half way gone already.  Man the time just flies.  For someone who’s not working I tend to have few hours in a day.

Yesterday was another great day, I got to have another “coffee date” and catch up with an online friend; Russ, so finally we met face-to-face, and I got to speak to real people again.   I’m not sure whether my jittery hands were from the excitement of real person contact, or the fact that I’d consumed about 6 shots of espresso in 2 drinks.  I’m thinking it’s a combination of both.

Back to today, after getting (if I’m lucky) all of 3 hours of sleep overnight (sore point, don’t ask), I dropped Mark at work and hit the gym again this morning.  Much as I didn’t want to, it was only in the last 10 minutes of the almost 2 hours I was there that I began to enjoy it.  Mainly because I was tired.

I also had an epiphany…  If I actually stretch while I’m at the gym, immediately after exercising (rather than at home afterwards… and if I remember) that I feel pretty damn fantastic afterwards.  Still tired, and like I’ve worked out, but more limber and less tense than normal.  Guess my trainer really does know what she’s talking about. πŸ˜‰

So that’s it so far, I’ve done a few chores, some grocery shopping, and will try and get a nap this afternoon to compensate for the lack of sleep and so that I don’t fall asleep during this evening’s movie…

We’re off to the midnight opening session of The Simpsons Movie thanks to the lovely Rich and his partner Jason for hooking us up with complimentary tickets.  Woohoo!  It does mean that it’s going to be a VERY late night.

I’m outta here!  Have fun!


Mental salubrity…

26 07 2007

Ok, here it is, the WOFTD (Word of the Day).

\ser-uhn-DIP-uh-tee\, noun:

The faculty or phenomenon of making fortunate accidental discoveries.

The sentence:

Sometimes it’s due to serendipity alone that someone’s nefarious actions are brought out into the open.

There you go, that’s it for now, I’ve a few things to do before I post properly again a little later on.

Have an awesome day, if not bitch slap those stopping it from being awesome, then paste a great big grin on your face and have that awesome day after all! πŸ˜‰

Word up!

25 07 2007

This is going to be quick, as I’ve just arrived home from the gym, and have to shower, change, and head out again for my next appointment.

Today’s word is:

\rih-POST\, noun:
1. A quick thrust given after parrying an opponent’s lunge in fencing.
2. A quick and effective reply by word or act.

intransitive verb:
1. To make a riposte.

The sentence:

I’m renowned for having a quick riposte available for most occasions.  It’s not often that I’m caught speechless, but it does happen, which often causes a break in my confabulation. πŸ˜‰

Have a great day!