Movie night…

3 07 2007

It’s the night before Independence Day, that day where almost the entire country of America stops for fireworks and celebration of their Independence…  That’s not very independent…  But the relevance isn’t missed.

Shortly I’ll be heading off to the vet to pick up some “puppy prozac” for Vita, she’s a complete wreck at the moment.  Not a night has passed since the weekend where someone hasn’t set off fireworks, they’ve even been going off haphazardly throughout the day.  So it’s time for drugs.

I’ve been to the gym again today, and feel much better now I’m getting into the swing of the exercising again, and the SUN. IS. OUT!  Woohoo!  Finally the weather here is all blue skies, sun, and warmth, and the forecasts indicate that it’ll be like this all week.  Happy happy joy joy!

Also, we’re off to see the new Transformers movie this evening.  Should be fun.

That’s it from me.