Summer’s here!

4 07 2007

Woohoo!  It looks like Summer is finally here to stay in the Pacific North West.

I was awake at 5.45am this morning to get ready for the gym, an ungodly hour, but the sun was already high in the sky, the skies are blue, and the streets are quiet.  A perfect day thanks to it being a Public Holiday.

What was I doing up so early?  I had an early gym appointment, but as the weather had been predicted to be good, I’d already organised with my trainer for us to work outside.  Which we did, a huge hour long power walk down a long and steep hill, and then back up again.  Certainly got my heart pumping.  A brilliant way to start the day.

So now I’m done, the gym work is over for the day, I’m showered and changed, all the doors and windows are open to let the breezes in, and the sun is still shining.

I reckon I may just go sit on the deck and read a while.

Have a great day wherever you are, and Happy Independence Day to those celebrating it.

The dog has been drugged already, she’ll have another dose at 8.30pm tonight, things should all be cosy, at least a little less frantic now when the fireworks start.