Masked Bandits and Something Fishy

7 07 2007

Well this is certainly one of the later entries I’ve posted in a long while…

Last night was an interesting evening.  It started off quietly enough.  Mark went to bed earlier than I as I was wide awake, so I decided to settle in for the evening and watch some “America’s Most Haunted”, shows about ghost sightings across America.  Regardless of your beliefs, or mine, I find them fascinating, if only for the history of the areas that are being investigated.  Also, because truth be told, I think there’s a little more to everyday life than is currently explainable…  But there you go.

Anyway…  I was all settled in, watching scary television, when suddenly Oliver jumped to attention and ran to the lounge room window in response to some squealing, growling and hissing.  I nearly wet myself.  Kind of freaky when you’re engrossed in spookiness.

It was 3 Raccoons, up the tree outside the window trying to get the birds that are nesting there.  Scared the crap out of me.

In all the time we’ve been here the only Raccoons I’ve seen have been the ones on the side of the road with tyre tracks up their back.  Even at the Greater Vancouver Zoo, the Raccoon cage was empty.

We certainly made up for that overnight with 3 of them carrying on a treat outside the window.  I’m not sure how successful they were foraging, but the car was literally covered in foliage, small branches and crap this morning.

Annoying, but at least our animals were all inside safe.

Moving on…  Today was yet another awesome day.  Sunshine, blue skies, warm weather, and the day light lasted until well after 9pm this evening.  A very pleasant change.

We certainly made the most of it after we finally got started for the day (after a sleep in of course) by heading into Seattle with our friend Brad to check out the newly renovated Seattle Aquarium.  It wasn’t bad either, although if it hadn’t been for our discounted entry I’d probably have been a little upset as it’s quite pricey normally to enter.  Certainly very entertaining.

Especially when someone you’re with, and I’m not naming names, Brad, really, I’m not. 😛

See’s a stingray, and points, and in true Steve Irwin form, says “Crikey, it’s a stingray!”.

I’d like to say I’m disgusted, but I admit it, I laughed.  Let me just say to make amends, Steve’s death is a tragedy, and a huge loss to his family and Australia, and we’re probably both going straight to hell for (a) the comment, and (b) laughing…

A stint of bowling, dinner, and then some shopping, and the day was over.  A full 10 hours of cavorting all around Seattle and it’s surrounding suburbs.

Man, I’m tired now.  So that’s why this is a late posting…

I’m fully solar recharged now.

Have an awesome weekend, there’ll be some pics from the trip posted later.