Happy Dance it’s a "heat wave"

10 07 2007

Woohoo!  Colour me happy!  It’s another warm day today, and I’m loving every second of it.

The pets have all been to the Vet (again!!) this morning.  Vita went for the ride.  The cats for their final booster for a vaccination, and Dolce is still there to have her teeth cleaned and some blood drawn for another Rabies Titre test since she failed the first one.  Argh!  They’re expensive too.

Essentially her antibodies to the disease were not at a high enough level (12 months after the original vaccination) to qualify her for a successful pass.  Fortunately though, the day the test was taken, I also had them re-vaccinated.  So fingers crossed this time around, her antibodies are at the correct level.
Either way, she’s there until sometime this afternoon when I get to go back and collect her, with sparkly clean teeth.
Although, given what she eats, I’m surprised they’re dirty at all.  That dog chews everything.  She’s even managed to shred an aluminium can into what appeared to be a “bazillion” pieces, and didn’t sustain even a single cut to her mouth.  Dumb dog!

Everyone else (Mulder, Oliver and Vita) are all home again and settled in in all the cool places they can find, and I’m about to head back out into the sun to hit the gym.  Gosh I’m dedicated…  or Stubborn…  or Stupid…  perhaps a little of all three.

I’m also considering joining Yoga with a friend.  I’ve only done it once before, many years ago, and all I remember is that I looked up to see someone in front of me at a weird angle.  I laughed, lost my balance and fell over sideways almost taking out the person next to me, and sending them sideways into the next person (think falling dominoes but with people) and collapsing into laughter.

Any thoughts?  Does anyone out there do Yoga?  Would you recommend it?

Hooroo for now.