No go yoga

13 07 2007

It’s a temporary no go anyway.  I finally checked out the location for the yoga studio that I was going to register at.  Unfortunately it’s quite some distance further away than I realised.
It takes me almost 20 minutes to get from our house to the gym now, and the Yoga studio is another 20 minutes further past that.  So not today, or tomorrow for that matter.

Not that I’m at all worried, especially given that the gym has Yoga too.  Admittedly, it’s not hot yoga, but I’ll live.

So other than my working out this morning, identifying that Yoga was a little further away than is practical, I’m done for the morning until I catch up with my friend Jim for a coffee this afternoon.

I think I might even go grab myself a nap.  I ache all over at the moment.  Which is not too surprising given that my trainer has a nice circular bruise on her arm from me at Racquetball the other day.

I think the payback may have begun…