It’s that time of the week again

16 07 2007

it’s Monday workout and Dietician appointment and Weigh In day again.  How exciting!

Fortunately, I’ve been there and done that already today, so this post is being written after the event.

Happily, I’ve lost more weight since last week, which I should have hoped would be the case given I was at the gym 6 days last week (I skipped Sunday as it’s a day of rest and worship.  All hail the DVD player).

The morning’s workout went really well, with another morning focused on abdominal work and upper body.  So well in fact that by the time we’d finished with the floor work on the abdominal’s all I wanted to do was lie on the floor and cry.  Kidding!  Well a little anyway.  Let me promise you, here and now, I am fully aware of where each and every single individual muscle in my body is.  As they’re all screaming STOP!  LEAVE US ALONE!  *laugh*
My thoughts… To hell with that!  Shape up, and do it now dammit!  While there’s still sun and warmth for summer.

The outcome fo the Dietician meeting was that I now have grains back as well as bread from last week, so I have a much broader range of eating options than I’ve had in the earlier portions of the program.  The silly thing is, now that I have these items back, I don’t really want them.  As they say, you only miss what you don’t have.

Or, as I say to Mark…  How can I miss you if you won’t go away?

Anyway, I’ve apparently lost another 1.8lbs (0.8kg), this doesn’t take into account my clothing, so I’m rounding up to a little over a kg, or 3lbs’ish.  Hey!  It’s my weight, so I’m allowed to adjust as suitable. 😛
Speaking of…  Here in Washington, when you apply for your license, you’re asked to state your weight.  Of course, it’s accepted practice that everyone lies.  Well, I officially want a recount, my lie has backfired.  While initially it showed me as being lighter than I am, now it’s the reverse and shows me as being heavier…  That’ll learn me.  Oh well, it’ll be up for renewal in March.  It’ll only be as inaccurate now as my passport, which has 3 photos of me now with a different weight at each stage.  Incidentally, there’s also a different hair colour too…
Hmmm, perhaps that’s why they’re so rude at the border…  They think I’m some devious shape shifting miscreant…

So that’s it.  I’ve food groups back that I can add to my day to day diet.  I’ve lost a little more weight.  My muscles are screaming out for a holiday / massage, which I think I’ll book in the next couple of weeks, I’ve posted to my blog for the day, and now I have to search the classifieds, and make a concerted effort to reply to all the unanswered emails I’ve received over the last few months.
Of course, there are many people back home in Australia who I’ve not heard from in ages…  *hands on hips and taps foot*  You know who you are.   This is your guilt trip, please keep your hands and arms inside the vehicle.

Ok, I’m outta here, it’s way past lunchtime, I’ve not eaten, and the cats starting to look concerned due to the famished gurglings coming from it’s owner.