Up and at ’em!

17 07 2007

It’s a little after 10am and I feel like the day is almost over.  Probably because I was awake at 5am to get ready for the gym as I had an early morning session this morning.

Initially I wasn’t overly enthused about it, but then it occurred to me that the early morning would allow me to call my gal pal Bianca all the way over in Western Australia.  We don’t get to speak often, and the time difference makes it a little difficult.  So this morning was a good catch up.  5am here on Tuesday, was 8pm there Tuesday night.  We had a good old chat until it was time for me to hit the gym.

Pure insanity!  I wasn’t alone though, the gym was packed, but I got my workout in, so at least that’s over with for the day.  It was good to note however that my gym clothes are starting to get too baggy on me, and that parts of my body that were previously “round’ish” are now starting to move into groovy little angular shapes.  What fun!

Gym over with, I dashed home enjoying another protein shake in the car, showered, changed and started the day properly.

Now…  Mark’s at work, the washings on, and I do believe it may be time to relax for a little while, and by relax I mean, fall asleep.

Woohoo and Hooroo!