Lordy it’s gunna be a busy day!

19 07 2007

It’s going to be one of those days today.  We got home last night to find an email from the landlord advising us that they’re re-financing the house, and that they were going to be dropping in in the next day or so for an appraisal.

Don’t you just love it.  Suddenly all the chores that I’d been putting off for so long, have to be done, and done yesterday.  On the upside though, it’s fortunate that I had the gardens set to rights a few weeks ago, as I’d have been hard pressed finding a gardener to turn weeds that were taller than us into a garden and lawn on such short notice.
So it’s not quite as impossible a task as I originally envisioned.

As you can imagine we were both up pretty late last night.  Mark’s study AS ALWAYS was the biggest disaster.  As much as he’ll try and explain that he’s still unpacking “post move”, I’ve lived with him for quite some time now, his study is ALWAYS on the more chaotic end of a detonated bomb site.  We’ve tried sharing a study before, I gave up and moved my laptop downstairs to the dining room table.  Never again.  Since then, we’ve always tried to live in homes with an additional room that can be turned into a second study, thus, but never entirely successfully, restraining his mess to his office/study.  No matter what I do it tends to spread across the house, leaving a tortuous (did you see what I did?  The word of the day…  Woohoo!) trail of destruction and detritus across the house.

 Meanwhile, I was up a little after 5am, have been to the gym, seen the 20/20 Doctor for our 10 week appointment to discuss my progress in weight loss, and now I’m home again getting ready to get this show on the road.

Best dash, there’s still a stack to be done.  Including packing up some parcels and getting them all posted.

Have a great one!

Word of the Day – 19th July 2007

19 07 2007

Here ya go, another word of the day.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to keep this up before I get bored of it.  But for now, here it is.

Today’s word is:

\TOR-choo-us\, adjective:

1. Marked by repeated turns and bends; as, “a tortuous road up the mountain.”
2. Not straightforward; devious; as, “his tortuous reasoning.”
3. Highly involved or intricate; as, “tortuous legal procedures.”

…and now, in a sentence:  “My cat Oliver has a tortuous method of walking between your feet when you’re near stairs, possibly due to his ‘tortuous burgeoning on homicidal, reasoning’.”

There ya go, it wasn’t quite as easy as yesterday’s word to use in a sentence, but give me a break, I’ve been awake since 5am. 😉