Word of the Day – 20th July 2007

20 07 2007

Hold on to your knickers, it’s that time of the day again…

I just know that you’re on the edge of your seat, heart pounding, sweaty palms, positively all moist with anticipation.  So here you go, I give you, today’s Word of the Day:

\NON-ij; NOH-nij\, noun:

1. The time of life before a person becomes legally of age.
2. A period of youth or immaturity.

… and now, the fun part, although today’s word is far TOO easy, the hard part is using without referring to Mark.  ๐Ÿ˜‰  The sentence:

“Prior to turning 18 years of age, and therefore being ‘legal’, my nonage was interspersed with parties and alcohol.  Of course now that my nonage has passed, I’m nothing but responsible and angelic.”

If you believed that, I have a Space Needle to sell you. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Nearly… So close…

20 07 2007

I’m only 63 “views” off hitting 50,000 visitors to my blog since it’s creation back in June of last year.  I’m staggered, and impressed.

Granted, given the traffic that some other blogs get, mine’s just a little fish in a HUGE pond, but I don’t think I’ve done so badly, especially given I’ve remained relatively “G” rated throughout.

So, as of 8.02am, Friday 20th July 2007 (From Kirkland, Washington) my visitor count is at 49,937 hits.

If you happen to swing by, and you’re the lucky 50,000 leave a message.

Thanks to everyone who’s read over the last year, it’s been fun, and truly awe inspiring to see where around the world people have visited from.  See for yourself in the picture below.  Each dot represents an actual visitor to Outside The Box.

Blog Visitors Global 20 July 2007

Pretty cool isn’t it?  There’s still a few countries I’ve not quite managed to reach.  Any ideas?  *laugh*

Well, I’d best get this dog and pony show moving.  Tickets to Kathy Griffin’s live comedy show go on sale in Seattle today for the third show.  Hopefully this time we’ll get tickets!