My mind is a blank

21 07 2007

It’s true, it is.  Well nearly…  It’s more like a Dusty Blackboard…  You can tell it’s been written on, it’s all cloudy, with smudges of colour and remnants of old words, and there’s someone dragging their finger nails lightly across the bottom…

Does that thought alone put your teeth on edge as much as it does mine?  Yuck!

I do remember as  a kid though, taking great delight, and learning to master my own discomfort, at dragging my own nails across a blackboard just to see the looks on the faces of the other students.  Very funny, not to mention evil! 😉  Actually I remember a pretty evil teacher who used to do it just to get the classes attention.  Thank god for the advent of whiteboards.

Moving on…  It’s Saturday, and we’re off to the gym and then the Microsoft picnic.  Which should be fun, although I’ve just been warned a short time ago that it’s full of Geeks, and their screaming children.  Oh joy and rapture!  I can hardly wait.  *end sarcasm*

Before I go though, there’s a word of the day to be had.  Just to clarify, I’m not making these up, I’m lazier than that, I’m subscribed to and they’re sent to me each day.  I simply share them with you.  The extent of my input is putting it in a sentence…

\SAH-toh-VOH-chee\, adverb or adjective:

1. Spoken low or in an undertone, as not to be overheard.
2. (Music) In very soft tones. Used chiefly as a direction.

The sentence…

When I’m angry with Mark and threatening to murder him (hypothetically ;)) I do it sotto voce… LOL!

Now it’s your turn.




2 responses

24 07 2007

as a singer, I believe that you have your definitions reversed in importance.

(*)< chirp!

24 07 2007

I’m just the messenger. There’s not much research going on here, other than what sends me each day 😉

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