Time flies…

22 07 2007

… when you’re in a drug induced coma.

Well sort of.  We had another late night last night watching DVD’s and by the time we’d finished it was 3.30am and I was still wide awake.  So rather than get back into the bad habit of not sleeping I had to of my “Dr’s recommended helpers”, a big glass of water, went to bed and woke up a little after 1pm this afternoon.

Oh my!  So much for getting a blog entry done in the morning, or making it to the gym.  Good thing I went yesterday.

Speaking of…  Mark joined me at the gym yesterday as well, so we decided rather than a normal workout, that we’d play racquetball.  How funny!

Keeping in mind that we’ve only had one lesson each, and since that lesson, Mark and I have only played once together.  I’ve played on two other occasions, but with my personal trainer; Milla.

So the skill levels are hardly anything bordering on professional, so it’s not exactly the fastest moving game.  If you’re after nail biting suspense, and hard hitting, television broadcast worthy play, look somewhere else.  If you’re looking for hilarity and unco-ordinated laughs…  Then we’re your players.

Suffice it to say, I slaughtered Mark on the court.  He’s an athlete when it comes to computers…  racquet sports… not so much.  That’s not to say I am, but I have played tennis on and off for years.

It was pretty hilarious when Mark smashed the ball across the court in an effort to win the point, I sprinted across the court and smashed it back, straight into the top of his head.  As is the case with previous “court assaults”, I laugh first, and check on well being later.  A short 10-15 minutes later, Mark who by this stage was feeling a little “tired and emotional” (he wanted to finish up and get off the court, but I wanted to get an hour of exercise in), swung his raquet like a mad man swinging at a swarm of bees, smashed the ball, and smacked me right on the top of the left cheekbone.  Good thing I had my safety glasses on.  Something I nearly didn’t do, but changed my mind in favour of wearing them just before play.  His first reaction was to panic, as I think he thought I was going to kill him.
Personally, it was pretty funny, once the shock of what had happened had dulled down, the sting remained, the shock didn’t…  My only beef was that it happened because he was having a sulk rather than playing.  Oh well, it was funny, it also bloody hurt (laugh) and I still won.

Not so bad.

Moving on back to the current day…  Like I said, it was a late start.  By about 2pm we were on our way into Seattle to meet my friend Matt, who we unfortunately haven’t had a chance to catch up with since my birthday WAY back in March.  A couple of hours of conversation over coffee, then we said our goodbyes and issued promises to catch up sooner, and WE WILL, it’s here in black and white now, and shot off to grab something to eat as it was nearly 5pm and neither of us had eaten all day.  So we were just a little hungry.

A late lunch/brunch/early snackish dinner later, we took off to the movies to see Hairspray.  OMG!  It was awesome.  I’ve heard reviews in the past, and never really believed them.  I also had complete reservations about seeing John Travolta in drag playing a female role.  I take them all back, and cast my reservations to the roadside.

Hairspray is officially one of the very few movies I’ve seen of a musical base, that had me smiling the whole way through, and roaring with fits of laughter.  MUM and DAD you REALLY need to go see it, you’ll love it.  Maus, you too!

This movie is star studded, there are cameos from John Waters (hilarious) and the original lead; Rikki Lake and seriously the ticket price is worthy of the experience.

I want to go and see it again.  I definitely want to own it on video, and as soon as I hit publish on this post, I’m going to add the original version to my netflix queue.

But that’s it.  It’s 10.33pm, I’m absolutely shattered exhausted, it’s time for a shower, and bed.  It’s going to be another early start in the morning.

Health and happiness to youse all! 😉