Word of the Day(s)

23 07 2007

Oops, that’ll teach me to not pay attention, I blogged late yesterday, and when I finally got around to it I missed the Word of the Day.

D’oh!  Oh well, that means today you get two.  With the new task of trying to use them both in a single sentence.

Now, having issued that challenge, I’m kind of wishing I’d looked at the words first, as I have no idea what they are, or whether they’re going to be easily utilised.

Guess I’ll find out momentarily.

So here they are:

\AV-uh-tar\, noun:

1. The incarnation of a deity — chiefly associated in Hinduism with the incarnations of Vishnu.
2. An embodiment, as of a quality, concept, philosophy, or tradition; an archetype.
3. A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity.



1. Characterized by or full of force and vigor; as, “a trenchant analysis.”
2. Caustic; biting; severe; as, “trenchant criticism.”
3. Distinct; clear-cut; clearly or sharply defined.

Phew!  This looks a little easier than I at first thought it may have been.  Here goes to my and your ongoing educations.

The sentence:

The angered Avatar issued directions to it’s followers in a manner that could have been viewed as being trenchant.

Ok, I admit that it was weak, but it’s a sentence. 😉

Have a good day!


23 07 2007

I’m completely lost for words.  Admittedly I don’t know the full story, and I’m aware that the media often omit details or add them in an effort to sensationalise a message in order to increase their viewer/reader ratings, but if this is true I’m utterly disgusted!


AN Australian private security operator was left for dead by American forces after he was seriously wounded during an ambush in southern Iraq.

The US refused to provide a helicopter to evacuate the wounded man after being told he was Australian, News Limited reports.

The Queensland man, who suffered severe leg and abdominal injuries, was delivered to Basra air base by a British road convoy more than seven hours after the attack.

The June 25 attack near the town of Al Zubair, 15km southwest of Basra, was carried out by at least six gunmen and involved roadside bombs, small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.

Two Toyota Landcruisers were destroyed in the attack.

Three of the man’s Iraqi colleagues, including an Iraqi interpreter, died in the attack.

The security operator underwent surgery at a British military hospital and was later evacuated out of Iraq.

He remains in the region in a serious but stable condition.

This war has gone on long enough.  How many more people have to be killed, maimed, injured, traumatised, regardless of their colour or creed before this is brought to an end?  I’m not so naive as to think that there’ll ever be complete peace anywhere.  As idealistic as I am, I just can’t see it happening, but surely by being in someone else’s country, and trying to force them to conform to your own ideology, whether it be moral, social or religious is just asking for trouble.

I recently had the honour of meeting someone who has served in this war, they were also injured in a bombing, and lost their fiance who was killed, along with others, and many more who were injured.  This was the first time I’d actually had the opportunity to hear directly from an untainted source just what it’s like.  I’m a little more educated and have a lot of respect for those who are sent to fight/defend, their efforts often come at a high price.

Some may think me naive.  Hell, I do on some levels.  But can’t we all just get along?!