Continuing education…

24 07 2007

Here it is…  Today’s word:

\kon-FAB-yuh-lay-shuhn\, noun:

1. Familiar talk; easy, unrestrained, unceremonious conversation.
2. (Psychology) A plausible but imagined memory that fills in gaps in what is remembered.

The sentence:

On declaring a winner, I gave them my confabulations…  I’m KIDDING!

The real sentence:

With my closest friends, it’s no effort to lost an entire day in confabulation.


Out and about in the big smoke

24 07 2007

Geographically I have absolutely no idea where I am right now, other than somewhere in Seattle.  But once I find the car again I’ll have the luxury of GPS to get me home again…

Actually I’m not as lost as I make out, the potential is definitely there though.  The car is on level 4 of the Pacific Place parking facility, this I remember because it had a huge framed photo of the Sydney Opera House as the ‘floor icon’. Why?  I have no idea, but it’s a landmark I remember.  As for the section I parked in…  Well I used my phone to take a photo of that for a visual reference.  I’m so clever!
The security scaring photo...Car park Security weren’t so enthused though.  They even braked their golf cart and reversed towards me calling out “Sir, sir, is that your car…”  Apparently they thought my photography motives were suspicious.  That is until I explained I didn’t want to lose my car…  Having an accent certainly helps in these situations, as the assumption (and correctly so in this case) is that you have no idea where you are.  

Today however has been very productive.  I’ve finally caught up with the lovely Kirsten, who I met at the Kylie Kwong book launch/signing/nibbles eating back in February.  Enjoyed coffee and conversation at one of Seattle’s newer coffee locations; Cafe Presse.  On Kirsten’s recommendation visited the Photographic Centre North West for information on courses (Thanks Kirsten!).  Caught up with my elusive friend Rich for coffee, and now am waiting on a call for a possible third coffee date with another friend.

This day marks what I hope will be my personal re-launch into society.  It’s been getting quite tedious having only the pets to talk to during business hours.

So if you’re in Seattle, or Greater Washington, available during the day and want to do coffee, let me know!  Please! 😉

Well time to go, the coffee shakes are setting in, and they’re making typing on my phone keyboard difficult.

The word for the day will be up later.  If you have suggestions for a word, leave me a comment and I’ll include it.
Until then though…