It’s all a bit of a blur

26 07 2007

Another day is over half way gone already.  Man the time just flies.  For someone who’s not working I tend to have few hours in a day.

Yesterday was another great day, I got to have another “coffee date” and catch up with an online friend; Russ, so finally we met face-to-face, and I got to speak to real people again.   I’m not sure whether my jittery hands were from the excitement of real person contact, or the fact that I’d consumed about 6 shots of espresso in 2 drinks.  I’m thinking it’s a combination of both.

Back to today, after getting (if I’m lucky) all of 3 hours of sleep overnight (sore point, don’t ask), I dropped Mark at work and hit the gym again this morning.  Much as I didn’t want to, it was only in the last 10 minutes of the almost 2 hours I was there that I began to enjoy it.  Mainly because I was tired.

I also had an epiphany…  If I actually stretch while I’m at the gym, immediately after exercising (rather than at home afterwards… and if I remember) that I feel pretty damn fantastic afterwards.  Still tired, and like I’ve worked out, but more limber and less tense than normal.  Guess my trainer really does know what she’s talking about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So that’s it so far, I’ve done a few chores, some grocery shopping, and will try and get a nap this afternoon to compensate for the lack of sleep and so that I don’t fall asleep during this evening’s movie…

We’re off to the midnight opening session of The Simpsons Movie thanks to the lovely Rich and his partner Jason for hooking us up with complimentary tickets.  Woohoo!  It does mean that it’s going to be a VERY late night.

I’m outta here!  Have fun!


Mental salubrity…

26 07 2007

Ok, here it is, the WOFTD (Word of the Day).

\ser-uhn-DIP-uh-tee\, noun:

The faculty or phenomenon of making fortunate accidental discoveries.

The sentence:

Sometimes it’s due to serendipity alone that someone’s nefarious actions are brought out into the open.

There you go, that’s it for now, I’ve a few things to do before I post properly again a little later on.

Have an awesome day, if not bitch slap those stopping it from being awesome, then paste a great big grin on your face and have that awesome day after all! ๐Ÿ˜‰