Just like the white rabbit

31 08 2007

I’m late, I’m late!

I nearly forgot to blog today, that would have been a bad thing.  But I remembered in the end.

It’s been a pretty busy, but ultimately fun day.  As has been the de rigeur this week, the day started with an early game of racquetball, before meeting up with Brad to hit the stores.

It’s a long weekend here in America this weekend with the Labour Day Holiday, and to maximise his relaxation, Brad took the Friday off too for the good old Aussie 4 day weekend.  If everyday wasn’t a weekend for me, I’d be jealous! πŸ˜‰

We’ve been all over, coffee, lunch, Ikea, Nordstrom Rack, and now home, where I have to confess, I’m exhausted, and I still have another game of racquetball in a little over 90 minutes.

Best I go recharge.


Mish mash <— Look it’s not alliteration this time ;)

30 08 2007

A couple of hours have passed now since I originally opened my blogging application, so my mood has mellowed markedly.  Therefore I won’t have to draw an analogy between a Dementor and someone else in my life who manages to suck the joy out of everything.

Oops, too late, there it is.  But at least it was short, if not entirely sweet.

I was back at the gym again this morning, no real difference, other than it was a lot earlier than usual, for a game of Racquetball with my friend Randy, he quite convincingly beat me, but in my defense, I’m still not back to full health, so running across the court really is a struggle right now.  So we’ll see what happens next week.  I’ve also booked 3 more courts between now and Saturday, so there’ll be a bit more court work to be done.

Until then though, I’ve been madly updating my schedule with flight details for both my parents and myself, as we’ve decided to go to Hawaii with them.  They leave from Hawaii to return to Australia, so we’ll be there to wave them goodbye as they head off back DownUnder, and I’ll also get a chance to try my new body out on the beaches in the warm, warm Hawaiian sun.  I can’t wait!

Also, I’m getting to the end of Phase 1 of my 20/20 Fitness program, it’s hard to believe that 15 weeks have passed already, and I’ve lost over 50lbs.  I’m a different person, and love every minute of it.  That’s also 15 weeks without alcohol, and aside from my reality with Mark being somewhat less pleasurable (I’m sober remember), it hasn’t been bad at all. *laugh*  Phase 2 will see me dropping from 3 Personal Training sessions a week to two, and instead of seeing my Dietician weekly, it’ll now be every 2 weeks.  Once that’s over it’s on to 12 weeks of maintenance.
I really want to post photos as I go, and at the end, but I’m also loving the looks of shock on people’s faces when I just show up and they barely recognise me.  So you just may not see what I look like until I’m standing there in front of you.

Best dash for now though, it’s far too nice a day to be in front of the computer.


Bouncing back

29 08 2007

There’s just nothing like a few nice sunny days to make you feel better.  My cold is slowly letting go it’s grip on me, I’m at that rather pleasant stage of hacking up “lung oysters”, and trying not to choke / gag on them.  Don’t you just love a visual?  *laugh*

I started the day early this morning, with a 7.30 game of Racquetball, followed by a personal training session, which since I’ve been ill was scaled down to a brisk 5 mile walk outside in the sun, followed by a nice drive with the sunroof open, and a spot of shopping.

I almost feel human again.  Only a few more chores to get done and then I can have a quiet afternoon.

A book in the sun, sounds just like what the Doctor ordered.

So…  Hope you’re all having fun out there.


Destination Dentist

28 08 2007

Oh my!  It’s not even 8am.  I’m still waking up, and already I’m sitting in the waiting room of my new Dentist.  It’s quite a classy room too.

Nice leather chairs in red and black, muted wall treatments, soft (and current) music playing, Internet access, artwork and luscious plants and flowers.  Beautiful…  and yet, through all of this I can still hear the sound of the suction machine, which I’m sure at this moment is sucking up the saliva and internal oral surfaces of another patient.

So let’s just say that I’m not entirely relaxed right now.  In fact I’m using blogging as a method of stopping my hands from clenching so tight that my knuckles turn white.

So often when I’m in the dentist chair I clench my hands and tense up until my back is almost arched, before consciously relaxing into a less rigid stance.  *laugh*

That’s precisely the reason that I chose my previous Dentist.  Her motto was: “We Cater to Cowards”.
Blessed be!  That’s me!

Ok, it’s time to sign off, as shortly it’ll be my turn to be shown to the Big Chair.

Cheerio, I’m off to try and not grind my teeth or clench my fists.

*** Update 10.39am
The dentist wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it’d be, and it most definitely didn’t hurt that he was hot!  LOL!

Also I’ve just had a phone interview.  A successful one too, but don’t celebrate yet.  I still can’t get work with out a Work Authorisation.  Dammit!  Now I need to find a way to do that successfully.

Have fun!

Sweet sweet serenity

27 08 2007

The pets are asleep.  Mark’s at work.  My parents are gallivanting around Canada.

It’s just me and my cold/flu, all snuggled up on the couch with a blanky and the television remote.  Or it will be once I’ve finished this post.

Frankly, I’m bored already, and I’ve not even made it as far as the lounge room.  I might have to add a few items to the blanket and television remote.

Hmmm.. what to add…

Wii/PS2/Xbox and 360 controllers…
Benydryl…  LOL!

I’m outta here, enjoy!

Snot funny

26 08 2007

I’m guessing I’m not the only person on the face of the planet that become a complete sniffling bag of misery when they’re not well, and I make no apologies for it.

My parents are currently in Canada for 11 days of their stay, which is probably a good thing, as right now I’m not feeling so charitable towards my Mum…  I’m pretty sure this sore throat, running nose, and congested head was her parting gift before she left.

In fact I’m so ill, I’ve even cancelled tomorrow’s gym session in favour of staying in bed.  This is the first session I’ve cancelled ever.  Actually it’s not cancelled as such, more postponed to a later time.  I really don’t want to be sweating up a storm and having my nose compete with my pores to see who can lose the most liquids.  It really won’t be pretty.

Anyway, that’s it from me.  It’s going to be a very quiet night.

Hope you’re all well.


25 08 2007

4am!  4am…  That’s what time the alarm went off this morning.  Blurgh.

Now we’re all set, and about to head off to the airport to send my parents on to the next leg of their journey; Toronto, Canada.

Then I’m coming home, and going straight back to bed.  My mum’s gift of a sore throat has really kicked in this morning.  Yay! Not!

Happy 21st Birthday to young Matthew! πŸ™‚

Have a great day all!

Happy Birthday Matty!

24 08 2007
The Birthday Boy - Matt

Happy 21st Birthday to young Matt who as of today becomes a legal drinker.

Look out America, you won’t know what hit you, but a nicer guy you couldn’t find.

Let’s hope he manages to find his way out to Seattle, or Australia when I’m back home.

Have an awesome day Sunshine!  Wish I could be there for the party, but when I finally do make it over, we’ll do retrospective drinks! πŸ™‚



24 08 2007

I just love that word.  I always have, and more so after the Shenanigans Southpark episode.  However, there’s absolutely no reference here to what I’m about to type.  I just had no idea how to start, or what to call this post, so what better than to be completely random and cryptic.

Today is my parents last day in Seattle for a little over a week, as tomorrow morning they start the next leg of their holiday.  There’s much adventure in store for them.  So we’re going to take things a little easier than we have previously.

We still haven’t made it to see Ballard Locks yet, but there’s no rush.  I’ve also decided that Seattle Zoo should be added to the list of places to see.  So there’s certainly lots more to see and do.

That aside, I think I’m getting a sore throat (thanks mum!), and now that I’ve been to the gym, a quiet day is just what the doctor (the one inside my head) ordered.  In fact I’ve also decided that the weekend will be gym-free, in preference for rest and relaxation.  Woohoo!  I bet I wind up being bored and fidgety.  Oh well.

So that’s it, we’re off for a spot of shopping shortly, followed by perhaps a movie.

Hope you’re all well wherever you are.

Oh, and I was thinking, thanks mainly to an idea I got somewhere off the Internet to perhaps do an interview.   Where you, the reader gets to send me questions, and if their not too personal I’ll answer them in a future blog posting.

If you have a question feel free to email it to: ozboy_25@hotmail.com and make sure to put “Blog Interview” in the subject field of the email.


Seattle To Do Part 2

23 08 2007

After an awesome day yesterday, we managed to cover Pioneer Square and The Underground Tour and the Fremont Troll, all trips which my parents enjoyed.  Although The Underground Tour was definitely the highlight.  Greed, Corruption, Sin all wound up in a history lesson and tour of “Old Seattle” certainly make for high entertainment.

Unfortunately though we ran out of time.  A topic that was rife for the day.  We also ran out of time in the parking bay and got fined.  Oops!  Oh well.  I did however have time to introduce my parents to shopping “The American Way” with a visit to Fred Meyers, a combination Grocery and Department store (these places are HUGE), and Home Depot, the American equivalent to the Australian Bunnings.  Dad could have cried.  So many cheap power tools, all of which he couldn’t take with him.  Primarily because of the expense of shipping, and that there’s a power difference (electricity) between the two countries.

Mum and Dad also got to meet some of our friends last night, as we were invited to a dinner party.  Certainly a lot of fun.  Thanks again Mark (different one to my one).

Today we’ll try and cover the things we ran out of time for yesterday, such as the Ballard Locks, Smith Observation Tower, and I may even try and get round to Alki Beach.

I think I’ve spent more time in downtown Seattle in the last week, than I have in the whole time I’ve been here.  *laugh*

Gotta run, I need to get to the gym.  I’ve a new friend to meet, and a game of racquetball to have.  Some people meet in Starbucks, my new “thing” is to meet on the racquetball court.  Ha ha!