Less ouch

31 01 2008

Well I equaled my running record from a little over a week ago today, and so far so good, I’m in a lot less pain.  Which is always a good thing.  I just have to keep it up.

30 minutes running, followed by 30 minutes random hill climbing on the elliptical, and I’ve finally got my cardio workouts back on track.  For a while there racquetball was sufficient, but not anymore.

Also I can no longer work out on the energy of a protein shake alone, it seems I’ve reached a point now where it simply doesn’t fuel me adequately.  Which also goes a long way to explaining the dizziness during some workouts, and why I suddenly feel like passing out at the end of some of them unless I eat something.

Haha!  My metabolism is finally working again.  *happy dance*

So this morning was two pieces of toast WITH Vegemite!!! Yummo, and porridge with blueberries, and half a glass of grapefruit juice.  Tasty and it got me through the workout with enough energy to face the day.

I am tired now, so I’ll say goodbye, and think I’ll have an early night.




5 responses

31 01 2008

Eeeewwww… Vegemite! lol

31 01 2008

Oi! You uncouth American! Vegemite rocks! 😛

31 01 2008
Brad W

Vegemite totally rocks.


1 02 2008

No. No, no… Rocks is definitely not the right word for it…

14 02 2008


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