Sleepy time

31 05 2008

Saturday’s been and gone, and as the sun sets I’m going to crawl onto the couch, with a blanky, the pets inside, and watch television for the evening.
It’s not even 7.30pm and I’m already yawning so it’s going to be one very quiet evening.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

Feelin’ the love

30 05 2008

Well today’s day two that I’m at a complete loss as to what to type, so I’m letting myself be inspired by the cats, who since it’s dinner time are making their presence very apparent by turning on the charm.

I can hear them both purring up a storm, and intermittently they’re taking turns to butt their heads into my knee and brush their entire body against my leg while wrapping their tails around my calf, just to impress the point that they exist, and do indeed demand to be fed.

Like I’d ever forget, they’re ever present.  Every where I am, they are.  Most days it’s cute, some days it’s a little like having my own personal feline symbiote’s

Well I’d better go feed them before they shenanigans start.  They start out professing their love for their owners, also known as “Staff”, if that doesn’t work, it’s full on bedlam.  Running around the house, attacking each other and howling like the world is coming to an end.  Which admittedly, when it happens, could happen all to soon for them.

They may think they’re the Gods in their world.  The reality is it’s me.

Must dash, time to go and be all benevolent and giving. πŸ˜‰

Thursday… as it was, and still is…

29 05 2008

… at least for a few more hours.

I have absolutely no idea what to type right now.  I’m pretty content, pretty tired, and have nothing either crappy or exciting to share.  Which in itself on the crappy front is an absolute bonus.

I did try (finally) to accustom the cats this morning to having their teeth brushed.  Most amazingly, neither of them were all too fussed by it.  In fact they saw the whole process as being pretty pleasurable.
In their minds, it was tantamount to running their chins against a nice hard corner.  Strange animals.
I wonder if it’ll still be so easy once I add toothpaste (pet approved) to the mix.  I think that’s when I’m going to have some problems.

Oh well, it’s all just another adventure in the big scheme of things.

Major Overhaul

28 05 2008

Wow…  35 and I’m falling apart.  Hehe!

I went and saw my Doctor today about a sinus headache that I’ve had for the last three days, and since I rarely see the Doctor unless I’m really ill, I took along a laundry list of things I wanted to look at.

Two referrals later and there’s more than likely some surgery in my near future.  I’m sort of excited, tentative, and terrified all at the same time.  In my life, I have never been a patient in hospital.

That’s all about to change.

Wisdom teeth have to go, I need a nose job…  apparently I’m a deviate.  Well my nose is, I have a badly deviated septum rendering my right nostril useless.  Visually it’s fine, practically it’s useless.  The nose equivalent of Mark. πŸ˜‰ *laugh*
Add to that a dodgy thumb, and I’m going to be bionic before I know it.

Guess I’m on the slippery slope to a nursing home already, and I hadn’t even realised that I’d grown up.

Other than that, the sinus headache is allergy related, so some nasal spray (hmmmm… one working nostril, this is going to be fun) and apparently I’m fine, healthy, and fit as a fiddle.  A fiddle needing a nose job, hand job (thumb!!!  get your mind out of the gutter!), and some dental work.

They have the technology… they can rebuild me…

Have a great evening, I’m off to contemplate a “retread”.

Court’s in session

27 05 2008

The racquetball court that is.  Finally after over 2 months, I FINALLY, F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. got a full hour of racquetball, and I suck.  *laugh*
It’s been a while, and it shows.  Oh well, it was certainly fun, and I’m feeling it right now, my legs are killing me.

At least I’m behaving myself again, eating well, exercising…  Finally back on the wagon.  Now if only I could shake the sinus headache I’ve had since yesterday everything’d be almost perfect.


To bike or not to bike…?

26 05 2008

Today’s been another great day that’s wizzed by in the blink of an eye.

It’s a public holiday here, but since Mark took last Monday off to spend with his family he had to work today, so I wandered off to entertain myself by checking out bikes and running gear.  I think I need a new bike.
They’re all so pretty, and Oh my!  Has the technology changed since I last rode one.  Combination brakes and gears?  What the?  It’s all so complicated now.  *laugh*

I guess I’ll need to get one and then ride it lots to justify the purchase and to learn how to use it all.

Other than that, it’s been the usual.  Well sort of.

Lunch with friends, followed by a workout with Aaron, a game of racquetball that didn’t eventuate, and home.

Where quite frankly, I’m exhausted, so I, my book and a big bottle of water are going to curl up on the couch.


Sunday, and the weekend ain’t over!

25 05 2008

It’s true, it’s a long weekend over here.  Not that every day isn’t a weekend for me anyway, and believe me, it’s not at all exciting, I’d much rather work.

Other than my first game of racquetball this morning in over 2 months, and assisting a friend pick up some new furniture, the day has been pretty cruisey.  Lunch with the same friend and then off to the movies to see Ironman.

Wow, this film starts off slowly, slow enough that I nodded off a couple of times, but then once the pace picks up there was absolutely no way I was going to take my eyes off the screen.  It’s certainly nice to see Robert Downey Jr back on the screen.

As always, and partly because I’m lazy, I’m not going to get into the plot, besides I hate a spoiler as much as the next person, but it’s certainly a film worth watching.  Of course that’s all dependent on your movie tastes.  For me, it fits. πŸ˜‰

Now I’m home again, enjoying the fact that the days are much longer and basking in the final rays of sunshine before night falls.

Hope you’re having fun!

It was just a brief fling…

24 05 2008

Alas, Alex is back.  That’s not the alas part though, the fact I had to give his car back, a beautiful corvette is the alas part!

“To have loved and lost is better to than to have not loved at all” they say…  Well I say bollocks to that!

I want a Corvette!  πŸ˜‰

Other than that, I did manage to go and see the latest installment in the Indian Jones series of movies; Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and I must say, I L.O.V.E.D. it!  It’s everything I could have wanted in another movie in this series and more.

I don’t think there was a single moment in the film that I wasn’t completely entranced and enthralled, although I did find it amusing that in many parts, that I felt were completely obviously funny, noone but myself was laughing.

Oh well.

My advice.  Go and see it now!  Run Forest Run!
Get thee to a cinema!

Happiness thy name is Corvette

23 05 2008

Well that’s not entirely true…

But today has certainly been a much better day.  After a pretty awesome workout with my trainer, that saw me playing the part of sled dog and dragging him from one end of the gym to the other, before moving on to other and more strenuous activities, I showered, dressed and spent an hour with my 20/20 Counselor for a nice chat. πŸ˜‰

Then lunch, home, then picked up Mark, before picking up my friend Alex’s car, a swish sexy black 2006 Corvette.  He’s away at the moment but will return tomorrow, I’m doing him a favour by picking it up before the dealership closes for the long weekend and he’s left car-less.
Although, having driven it now, he just may end up being car-less after all. πŸ˜‰

Now I’m home again, settled in and going to enjoy a movie or 2.


One of THOSE days

22 05 2008

You know the kind of day where everything just seems slightly off kilter, wrong, and that the effort just all seems to much?

Today was one of those days.

I’ve just not been my normal happy bubbly self today, and quite frankly am a bit over it all.

Things have to change here, and I’m well aware of the fact that the only person who can change them is me.

So here’s hoping that tomorrow is a better day.