Dessert anyone?

20 05 2008

It was another day on the road today doing touristy things, primarily hitting all the souvenir shops so Mark’s Mother and Step-father could purchase gifts, at last check, they’re all about completed.

… and Happy Birthday Julia; Mark’s Mum!

We also managed to play a little prank on Mark…

There’s a fantastic little shop in Seattle called Three Dog Bakery where they specialise in groovy little doggie treats that look just like human desserts.  Totally believable.

So believable in fact, that I bought two for the dogs.  A great little treat called a “Terriermisu“.  Of course it looked just like Tiramisu, which was the point.

Now for the fun part, after making sure that I could count on Mark’s Mum and Step-father to play along, we convinced Mark that we’d bought dessert for the evening, and put them on a plate.

He was completely suckered in, and I’m pretty sure (and he grudgingly admitted it himself) would have eaten them if I’d not stopped him.  Hehehe!

He wasn’t so amused.  The dog’s were pretty happy though when they finally got to chow down on them.

Okely cokely, time for bed now, it’s going to be an early morning.  It’s back to the airport again…





2 responses

21 05 2008

So glad that story had that ending, I thought you guys were going to go through with it and let poor Mark eat some. Gross. Good to know the doggins liked them.

22 05 2008

What and cheat the dogs out of a perfectly good treat?

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