Happiness thy name is Corvette

23 05 2008

Well that’s not entirely true…

But today has certainly been a much better day.  After a pretty awesome workout with my trainer, that saw me playing the part of sled dog and dragging him from one end of the gym to the other, before moving on to other and more strenuous activities, I showered, dressed and spent an hour with my 20/20 Counselor for a nice chat. 😉

Then lunch, home, then picked up Mark, before picking up my friend Alex’s car, a swish sexy black 2006 Corvette.  He’s away at the moment but will return tomorrow, I’m doing him a favour by picking it up before the dealership closes for the long weekend and he’s left car-less.
Although, having driven it now, he just may end up being car-less after all. 😉

Now I’m home again, settled in and going to enjoy a movie or 2.





2 responses

23 05 2008

you could tell Alex it wasnt ready & hand it over on monday, ?? {2009 ] xx

24 05 2008

Eww! That sled dog reference brings up an image I’m not sure I like. Mush, mush!

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