Thursday… as it was, and still is…

29 05 2008

… at least for a few more hours.

I have absolutely no idea what to type right now.  I’m pretty content, pretty tired, and have nothing either crappy or exciting to share.  Which in itself on the crappy front is an absolute bonus.

I did try (finally) to accustom the cats this morning to having their teeth brushed.  Most amazingly, neither of them were all too fussed by it.  In fact they saw the whole process as being pretty pleasurable.
In their minds, it was tantamount to running their chins against a nice hard corner.  Strange animals.
I wonder if it’ll still be so easy once I add toothpaste (pet approved) to the mix.  I think that’s when I’m going to have some problems.

Oh well, it’s all just another adventure in the big scheme of things.




3 responses

31 05 2008

You’re way behind! Only on Thursday?! Okay, so you’re like a day behind. 😉 But I thought you didn’t miss a day? Did you see those videos I posted yet? Hmm… If the cats are okay with brushing, maybe I should do that to my cats…

31 05 2008

Behind? Ummm no.
I checked the videos, they’ve been removed so I couldn’t see them.

31 05 2008

Weird… For some reason your Friday post wasn’t up when I checked on Saturday. 😛

That’s weird about the videos — maybe your computer just doesn’t like them? They’re still up and working on the computer here… Well, just go to and lookup Leprechaun and Alabama and watch the newscast. Then there will probably be a link to the song… It’s awesome. Let me know what you think! I didn’t want to have you search because I wanted the content to be a complete surprise!

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