Feelin’ the love

30 05 2008

Well today’s day two that I’m at a complete loss as to what to type, so I’m letting myself be inspired by the cats, who since it’s dinner time are making their presence very apparent by turning on the charm.

I can hear them both purring up a storm, and intermittently they’re taking turns to butt their heads into my knee and brush their entire body against my leg while wrapping their tails around my calf, just to impress the point that they exist, and do indeed demand to be fed.

Like I’d ever forget, they’re ever present.  Every where I am, they are.  Most days it’s cute, some days it’s a little like having my own personal feline symbiote’s

Well I’d better go feed them before they shenanigans start.  They start out professing their love for their owners, also known as “Staff”, if that doesn’t work, it’s full on bedlam.  Running around the house, attacking each other and howling like the world is coming to an end.  Which admittedly, when it happens, could happen all to soon for them.

They may think they’re the Gods in their world.  The reality is it’s me.

Must dash, time to go and be all benevolent and giving. 😉




2 responses

30 05 2008

Well some one love’s you, apart from me.

31 05 2008

he he, When I get home my cats will definitely be in symbiote mode! It will have been two weeks away,…

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