Belated Birthday or Anniversary…

30 06 2008

Oops, I missed my own blog’s second birthday / anniversary.  How very, very remiss of me.

Anyway, aside from it being another wondrous Summer’s day here in Washington State, and believe me, this has been a long time coming.  I’ve just realised that it’s been over 2 years since I first promised myself to blog daily.

In fact June 11 2006 is when all this madness began.  Which means it’s almost 2 years now since I moved to the USA.


But enough of that.  Happy Birthday Breadcrumbs!

I’m off out into the sun.

Holy heat wave Batman!

29 06 2008

The sun was out again here in Washington.   I know!  Shock horror!  In fact it was warm enough to finally drag the dog’s wading pool out of the garage and fill it up for them to play in, and play they did.

A rousing game of go fetch saw them both take running jumps and land in the middle sending water splashing everywhere while they submerged their heads digging in the bottom.  No idea why, but whenever they’re hot they try and dig through their water bowl too…

Strange yet true.

As for the cats, well Mulder has spent the last few days refusing to come inside while he lies outside soaking up every available ray of sun, and Oliver has spent most of his time sprawled out on the bed on his back, paws in the air under the ceiling fan.

For me… it’s been a mixture of inside and outside enjoying the sun each chance I get, along with having a nap this afternoon.  Now though, it’s time for dinner, and a movie.  Tonight, we’re off to see Wall-E.



Fun in the sun

28 06 2008

That’s what today was all about.

We spent the afternoon and the evening at a friends house for a BBQ.  Good company, sun, food, and drink…
What more could you ask for?

Nothing, nor did we.

However I am tired now.  It was a great day.  We met new people, made new friends, and stayed substantially longer than the 1-2 hours we originally intended on.  10 hours in total.  Ha!  But time flies when you’re having fun, and fun we had.

Time for bed now though.  Hooroo!

Shot myself in the foot?

27 06 2008

I hope not.

Sometimes you just have to say what you feel, and when you do it, you hope, pray, and even cross your fingers that the recipient to the information is going to be open to it, and understand the true intention.

Consider my fingers crossed.  Tight!

In other news, I finally managed to give the two cats (not mine, the one’s I’m looking after) their medication, I still have all my fingers, even despite the attempts of one of them to bite one off.  Round 1 went to the kitties.  Round 2, the round I’m calling the decider…  Goes to me! 😉

Furry child minding…

26 06 2008

A friend of mine is out of town, so I’m on kitty minding duties.   It’s much like looking after my own cats actually, kidney friendly foods, medications…

One major difference.  I’m the stranger in this relationship, and the new kitties aren’t enjoying the fact that there’s a strange man trying to fill the place of their “mum”.  It’s all hisses, spitting and fur flying, and that’s just me! 😉


We’ll work on forging a relationship again in the morning.


Pain in the neck!

25 06 2008

… and I’m not referring to Mark this time.  But it is implied. *laugh*

No, today started off a little later than normal with a nice long sleep in.  Yesterday was another busy touristy day with Beth and Richard, and last night was our last night with them.  It was sad to see them go, but we certainly had a lot of fun! 🙂

So the sleep in was a nice change of pace.  Then it was all chores followed by Physical Therapy (PT) and a game of racquetball.  PT as always is therapeutic but can be a little painful, so it was no surprise today when I walked away feeling a little tender.

No problem there though, after grabbing my racquet I head off for a game of racquetball.  My mind was very quickly distracted from any residual PT pain when the lovely Alex smashed the ball with all of his might smacking me in the back of the neck.


Fortunately there’s no damage other than an “ouchy mark”, and I have to admit that after I’d put a very cold, very wet towel on my neck for a while, I laughed about it.  It wasn’t intentional, and it really was funny.  Well after the pain faded.  *laugh*

That’s it, that was my day.  Oh almost.  I also collected my new bike rack for the car, so now rather than have to drive Mark to the gym on Friday mornings, and either hanging around waiting the hour until it’s my turn to see my trainer, or driving home, only to have to return.  He can drive there, and I can ride my bike and then drive it home.

Much better!

It also means I can drive to all the really good bike paths and pedal merrily along them all before coming home.  Gotta love that.

Ok, that’s it, I’m outta here!


Scary thought…

24 06 2008

It occurred to me this afternoon that I quite possibly now know more trivia and facts about Seattle than I do about my own home town Melbourne back in Australia, and all because I’ve been a good host and taken all of our visitors on all the tourist activities around town. 

Since we’ve had plenty of visitors, I’ve been on most of these activities multiple times.  For example, The Underground Tour, today was my 6th or 7th visit.  I’m not sure which, I can’t remember, but the guide did tell me that I was welcome to continue the tour presentation as he was losing his voice. *laugh*

Shame I can’t get a job as a tour guide…

All in all though, it was a definite fun day.  It looks like Summer is finally here too.  Three whole consecutive days of blue skies and sun, it’s definitely shorts weather again.

Ok, best get back to playing “Host with the Most”.


… and we’re walking

23 06 2008

My role as tour guide continued today, and fortunately the Seattle weather has maintained it’s current spate of sun and blue skies.  A very nice and welcome change.

Today’s trip included;  Ballard Locks, Salmon Ladder, Fremont Troll, Microsoft Campus and Cafeteria and then a spot of discount shopping.

Thai for dinner, and now games.

Fun for everyone.  Speaking of, I’ve got to return to hosting.


I should be getting commission

22 06 2008

We were back out on the tourist trail today with Beth and Richard.  Today was a cruise on Lake Union and Lake Washington, followed up by a trip to Pikes Place Market.

All fun, but these places really should be paying me a commission for all the visits I make with our visiting friends and family. 

This was my third cruise of the lake, and as such we finally deemed it economical to buy an annual membership allowing us to cruise the lake as often as we want.  It could be fun, I’ll take a towel and sun myself on the deck.  *laugh*

It was certainly a relaxing day, and the sun even came out for a little while too, which is always appreciated.

Time for some rest now though, and by rest I mean chores; ironing.  Urgh.


A tale of two cities

21 06 2008

This is just a place holder…

I’m out on the town with the lovely Beth and Richard from Edinburgh, drinking Martini’s.

I’ll fill this in later.

Here’s the fillin’…

Our evening out on the town was spent at The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant in Seattle.   It’s definitely a unique venue, and as far as the food goes, it’s all pretty good, but I think in future if I ever go again it’ll be for dessert only.

Cheese fondue is good, chocolate fondue is brilliant, but boiling different meats and vegetables in a broth or oil mix, not so exciting.

Fortunately though, the company we were with was great, and there were martinis.  Did I mention the martinis? 😉