Movie night…

2 06 2008

It may be Monday evening, but it was the perfect evening to go to the movies and see Sex and the City, the movie.
Mark wanted to see it over the weekend, but I reasoned with him that the cinemas would more than likely be packed to the rafters and that Monday evening would be a much better option…

And, it was.  There were only about 10 people in the cinema as it was the early session when most people were either still at work, or in traffic on their way home, or possibly even having their dinner.

For my part, it was an evening well spent.  While I was not such a devotee that I saw every single episode of the show, the ones I did see were entertaining.  As for the movie, it didn’t disappoint.

If you’re a fan, you’ll laugh, gasp, chortle, snort and probably even get all misty eyed and cry.

The film tidily ties into the original series without appearing dated or tired, and even for someone like myself who was never a huge fan, I was sucked in totally and enjoyed every last minute of it.

There was even one guy in the cinema with us, who judging by his body language and some partly heard conversation, had been dragged there by his girlfriend.  Even he laughed, and appeared to enjoy himself.  So apparently the movie appeals to everyone. 😉

It certainly appealed to me, I’d even considering seeing it again, just to pick up the couple of minutes I missed for an unplanned bathroom break.  Damn the large drink to hell! *laugh*

Have a great night.



2 responses

3 06 2008

The movie was the greatest!!! Although I have a newfound hatred for Big because of this movie, and have come to the conclusion that my boyfriend is a real life Big -not to say that I hate my boyfriend, but he needs to get over his commitment issues.

3 06 2008

Lisette… I wholeheartedly agree. There were several parallels I drew to my own life with the story. Like Miranda forgiving Steve, only I’m not as forgiving.

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