Show us yer crack!

3 06 2008

Plumbers crack to be precise.

My camera skills came to the rescue again today.  I blogged quite some time ago about how when I’m parking the car somewhere I’m not used to, that I take a photo of the car park using my phone’s camera so I can find it again if I forget where I parked it.

That in mind, it finally occurred to me that using the camera I’d finally be able to fix the downstairs toilet cistern, that broke several months ago.  Essentially the water flapper that stops the water running back into the toilet bowl when you flush was no longer seated and the whole unit flushed constantly wasting lots of water.  Wasteful, bad for the environment, and damn noisy.  So, given that I’m not a plumber, I just turned the water off to the cistern and made the toilet “off limits”, there are two others after all. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Many times I’ve been to the hardware store looking for a replacement part.  Many times I’ve considered calling a plumber, but each time I’ve known on some base level that the problem was simple enough that I should be able to fix it.  I was just never able to identify what part I needed.

Last night though, the little mental light bulb went on.  It occurred to me that if I took a photo of the interior of the cistern and it’s parts, printed it, then took it back to the hardware store I’d either be able to identify the part I needed, or show the image to someone else who’d be able to help me.

Well my moment of genius paid off.  It took me a little while this morning, image in hand, to identify the part I needed, which I picked up, and for less than $10 and 15 minutes of my time, I now have 3 functioning toilets.

I’m FLUSHED with pride!  Tee hee!

Now that chore is checked off the To Do list, I’d best get back to the other ones, all indoor ones today, it’s a miserable grey, rainy day here.  So indoors is best.

Oh, and I forgot, I missed acknowledging my 1000th post; To bike or not to bike…?
Wow!  I never imagined I’d still be blogging past 100 postings, let alone 1000.  Well there you go.  Thanks for your support, comments and referrals! ๐Ÿ™‚